BuddyPass app is offered by Buddypass inc., which is an early stage social networking app start-up based out of Canada. Our client, BuddyPass inc.’s mission is to help people connect with others having similar interests and passions. They want to make getting together and doing things easy and fun and help users to know that there is always someone nearby who sees the world in a similar way.


Basic idea of app was to enable users to meet friends, and
people nearby who have similar interests and passions. Users
would be provided with a customizable profile so other users
can see their interests and get to know what they are into.
Other features would allow users to create an event and invite
anyone they want, Finding things to do and see what others
are up to in their area.

Meet New People Find New Hobbies
Create Real Friendships Discover Local Events

The Challenges

Designing a UI & UX keeping the majority users,
Millennials, in mind was a big task. The UI had to be
intuitive. The app needed custom solutions based
on unique requirements of app.

Recommendation Algorithm Security Memory Optimization

Planning and Solution

It’s not the plan that’s important, it’s the planning.

Recommendation Algorithm Solution Security Solution Memory Optimization Solution

The Result

Based on client’s requirement we worked on the screens
with our creativity and innovation. All the features
requested were implemented. Our experts also suggested
some improvements which were implemented after client’s
confirmation. Our iOS and Android experts built an intuitive,
beautiful, fast and feature rich apps which were loved by
client, and is loved by app users as well. The app has even
been featured by famous publications/blogs like Discovery
Channel, NewsWatchTV, and the Examine, which speaks
for the quality of app.

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Discover Local Events

Buddypass is your passport to what’s going on nearby. Find events you love, on topics you like, as never before, happening near you. We make it easier for users to discover indoor and outdoor events happening near them, choose one and plan to go to it with their friends and family.

Create Real Friendships

Buddypass is about creating real friendships and doing things together. Chat with someone regularly or invite them to do something interesting, simply add that person as a friend. You can accept or decline invitations, and share Buddypass with your contacts and Facebook friends.

Find New Hobbies

Find new hobbies and attend an event, festival or show nearby. From outdoor sports and activities, to indoor hobbies, favorite pastime, or a chatroom gossip session – Buddypass can help make it happen. Find or create a neighborhood running or biking group, mingle with others at a community movie or book club.

Meet New People

New to a neighborhood or wondering how to meet new people? Keep telling yourself "I need a new hobby or something fun to do"? No problem! Buddypass will help you mingle. Get out and get together with new friends!


Since a lot of personal data is involved, and user’s privacy and data security is a big concern so the challenge was to keep data secure, always. Only non-sensitive data should be shared whenever there is any communication.

Recommendation Algorithm Solution

One of the key requirements was to calculate how far another user or event was from a user's current location. The challenge was to create a solution which would connect users with the right people with whom they would be interested to meet.

Memory Optimization

Steve Jobs has a quote, “The simple can be harder than complex.” It was true in this case. The app should be simple and intuitive to user, but it meant the background processing done by server and app would be complex.


The users are only able to use the app through social login (Facebook). The app is completely secured. All the API calls between app and server are encrypted. The code for both app and server was reviewed by our security experts for any security issues, and all the issues reported by them were fixed.

Recommendation Algorithm Solution

The user’s current location was found using the location proximity service available in iOS and Android. We were aware that if the app does not recommend the right people (other users of app) to the users, they will lose interest. For this we had to consider various parameters including demographics of user, interests, proximity and even their recent activity feed to match users with appropriate people. We created a custom algorithm which works in such a way that it becomes smarter as the user interact more with the app, which enables app to connect users with the right people at the right time.

Memory Optimization

The backend server does very complex processing. So the optimization was needed to make sure there was no delay for the user. Memcache and elastic load balancer solutions were used to improve the server speed.

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