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Top Tools for Automation Testing of
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By TechAhead Team / 2294 Views / August 31, 2016

Top Tools for Automation Testing of Mobile Applications

In the present world that we live in, the landscape of mobile application is growing across all business verticals. It is because of the excellent usability of such applications by billions of mobile end users.  To tap such mobile users and convert them into a customer base, organizations are ready to do everything possible and create apps which are loved by their prospective users.

One common element in any successful application development is mobile app testing strategy. It ensures that mobile application covers customer expectations and business objectives. This testing is a preeminent test of mobile apps which apps need to pass before they are deployed. However testing also poses challenges on the cost optimization with required ability to support various types of mobile devices, and operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows. At times, QA is costlier than even development, as organizations need to

 • Test-certify on too many device models, OSs, platforms, and combinations

 • Do such testing more often, because of multiple OS upgrades, launch of new device models, new releases to remain competitive on mobile features, etc.

To solve such a critical situation, best solution is to automate testing as much as possible. Let’s take a look at the Top Automation Testing Tools for mobile apps, which can help organisations save cost and win at mobile app testing.


Robotium is one of the first and frequently utilized automated testing tools for Android. Robotium aims to make writing tests for simulating user actions such as touching, clicking, and typing simple. It can be used on the source code for the app or even the apk files, and can run on either emulators or real devices. Software developers often describe it as Selenium for Android. Tests created by Robotium are written in Java.

More info: Robotium



Appium is an open source mobile automation testing tool to allow developers test various Android native mobile web applications as well as hybrid applications. native applications are written with the support of iOS or Android SDKs and various other mobile web application tools that can be used to perform tests on mobile browsers such as Chrome or a built-in browser application browser on Android operating systems.

More Info: Appium



SeeTest is the best commercial mobile testing automation tool. It comes with lots of predefined keywords by which testers can automate testing of application easily. Since it’s a cross platform solution, same script runs on different devices. Facilitates test to run on several devices concurrently and records on real devices.

More Info: SeeTest



MonkeyRunner is one of those highly advance Android testing application tools that initiates an Application Programming Interface (API) to be used for writing programs to help developers automate and control all kinds of functional test cases of Android devices. MonkeyRunner’s testing tool is purely written in Python programming language where this test automation application tool doesn’t support source code and this is the reason why testers don’t really require much knowledge of source code programming.

More Info: MonkeyRunner


Calabash is a test automation framework that enables mobile developers and pretty much anyone without coding skills to create and execute automated acceptance tests for Android and iOS apps. Calabash is an automated acceptance testing framework and works well with Ruby, Java, .NET, Flex and many other programming languages.



Mobile app testing automation is a complex task. An effective automation testing using tools as per the selection criteria and budget can be achieved.

Several factors like availability of tools and compatibility, network and environment setup, recording and location elements on UI tricks, system configuration for desktop and server machines should be considered for effective and on-time automation project delivery that makes app stable and bug free, earning app clients’ satisfaction and appreciation.

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