Tips for Successful App Building

Mobile phones and devices are getting dominant over other technologies with today’s fast paced wor ...

Published by shashank, Nov 27, 2015

Mobile phones and devices are getting dominant over other technologies with today’s fast paced world when it comes to user base. This shift has been driven due to factor of increasing scope of mobile application development and research over mobile technologies. Mobile phones have surpassed our expectation of voice communication and has placed themselves as a routine platform for multiple of our day to day task.
App Building is a crucial task for startups. We have designed, developed, launched and maintained bunch of our own apps at TechAhead. We have successfully delivered more than 550+ Mobile applications.

Few Tips for Successful App Building which you must go through:

Be a Researcher
Be a Researcher

The Research phase should be seriously taken into account as it will lay the pavement for your app. Listen what your customers need and talk about how to solve their problems so as to do research accordingly. Talk to them about their problems and listen about their concerns.
Dig deep into the industry vertical for which you are going to build an application. Learn the ideology, product design and marketing strategies of existing application. Make research so that you may put valuable inputs into app building on the functionality front as well as for marketing of the application.

Be Laser Focused
Be Laser Focused

Design the technical architecture of the application considering the industry vertical of that particular application. Take into account the various factors like the current evolution of that industry, the use of old school technologies should be avoided, structuring so as to easily make room for app development in later versions etc. Work on finding problems and make your team work focused on the problem solving. Don’t let them involve in other non-priority issues.

Be a Dynamic Builder
Be Dynamic Builder

Make the call to end the research work after reaching a specific point and start focusing your energies to build the application. The product will me more effective if you work on ups and downs of an actual product rather being involved into discussion and strategies. So take the decision to stop research work and jump into app Building process.

Be a Marketester
Be a Marketester

Once the application is received to be launched after the testing procedures and incorporating relevant changes and removal of bugs. Make sure you test the application as a marketer for its load time, attractiveness, and ease of delivering of its functionality. Plan to launch it with proper release date and creating a proper buzz in the market and for that prepare a defined the target audience. Capture the metrics of the application which you think may be useful. Don’t add up all the measuring metrics as it may be a messy setup. Keep updating the apps for bugs and errors when the app gets live or if any issue is met. Be properly present at all the relevant platforms for support and maximize your presence over social media platforms, video channels. Connect with your new customers with great emailers. Make sure you keep updating your app with Google’s latest app indexing standards so that your app has proper presence over search engine.

An application for mobile is to be successful in market with only one of the two reasons.
Either the app is having a great idea with okay team efforts or the app with okay idea has a brilliant team working upon it.