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Google Actively Working for India

Published datePublished: Dec 22, 2015 ViewsViews: 1772
Vikas Kaushik

Vikas Kaushik

Vikas manages the Global Operations at TechAhead and is responsible for TechAhead’s growth, global expansion strategy, and ensuring customer delight.
Google Actively Working for India

Google Actively Working for India

Google’s India-born CEO Sundar Pichai on his visit to India states that Google is strongly committed to net neutrality as the way internet has established itself in human life it won’t have been possible without free and open internet. Even Google has benefitted itself a lot from having strong net neutrality.

Google is extending its project Loon to remote parts of the in India which is actually a balloon-based project wherein balloons at high altitudes will transmit signals to LTE-enabled devices.
Google is highly enthusiastic about providing internet in India and will also extend its hand by providing free public Wi-fi at 100 railway stations in India and will also equip women of rural India with Internet-enabled bikes.

Sundar Pichai also acknowledges that India will surpass the Android users base as compared to United States and will become the country with largest number of Android Users. This would bring great benefits to Google and will embark a new era of Mobile Technology for India.
Expressing great support to net Neutrality Sundar Pichai also reiterates Google ideology towards Free and open Internet through We Stand Together.

Google CEO promises for these 11 gifts to India on his Visit:


01. Project Loon – Internet through High Altitude Balloons.

02. WiFi at 100 railway stations – Free internet at 100 railway stations across the country.

03. Android version on Indian dessert – Android N or P could be named after Indian dessert.

04. Chromebit – Chromebit is a small stick which lets users to upgrade their old PCs get a faster & get experience like Chromebook.

05. Google Maps Offline – Google Maps will now support turn by turn navigation in India, even without an Internet connection for local guide.

06. Live Score & Replays – Google will launch improved version of live cricket scores and replays soon.

07. Train Android Developers – Google will train 2 million android developers for 3 years across 30 Universities.

08. New Hyderabad CampusGoogle planning to launch a new huge campus for recruiting Indians into engineering and business teams.

09. YouTube Pause to Buffer –YouTube users will now be able to pause a video, leave it to buffer and even leave the app or site and let it continue buffering with Google’s ‘pause to buffer’.

10. Google Faster Search — Google’s streamline web search results pages will ensure that they provide stuff in a fraction of seconds, where currently a user gets fragmented sort of experience.

11. Tap to Translate – This feature will allow users to translate any text written in either Hindi (both in Devnagri script or English letters) in any app by just tapping on the text.

Google actively involved for working in India as even google can realize the potential of India which is Upcoming largest Android Users country.

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