Android App Testing

Our Android Expertise

At TechAhead, we house some of the industry’s top Android app developers and know the entire development process from start to finish. We’ve successfully created and deployed many custom Android apps and controlled the process from conceptualization to actualization. Because our highly dynamic team knows the entire Android app creation process, they can provide much more insight in quality assurance, android user interface and experience, and testing.
Quality Assurance And Control

Quality Assurance And Control

We use an agile software development ideology and believe in behavior-driven development (or BDD). That means that we aim for the most cost-effective and efficient quality control measures that can also promote and ensure the best user experience. We do this by first defining user behavior and then tailoring your app’s features to accommodate that behavior. It’s completely different and more effective than the module-based approach. Because of this ideology and an attitude of success, our teams can go beyond simple Android beta testing. Apps that account for user behavior and intent are often the most effective.
Testing Android Apps

A Multi-faceted Approach

When it comes to beta testing android apps, it’s not just about making sure that it works. It’s about providing the best user experience possible and understanding how users interact with your app’s features. Because of this, we offer a multi-faceted approach to testing Android apps and utilize several processes:

  • Manual Testing: Manually, we test your mobile app under a variety of network conditions (such as on both 3G networks and Wi-Fi). This manual testing can give great insights into the user experience.
  • Network Simulator Testing: We use a representative sample of mobile hardware to perform simulator testing on several network and hardware conditions.
  • Cutting-edge Automation Tools: To expedite the process so it is more efficient and cost-effective for our clients, we use tools like SoapUT, Jmeter, and Load UI to find more information about potential app issues. These automation tools have extensive reporting capabilities, which are an integral part of keeping costs low.
Embracing all of these processes enable us to test your Android app on several devices and under several conditions, allowing us to ensure a bug-free launch.
Consulting And Strategy

Consulting And Strategy

We look at each client relationship as a partnership in design, development, and testing. Because of this, our company can play a vital role during, before, and after your app’s launch. Our innovative solutions can help to promote your app’s success in the Android marketplace.