How to become a successful “Appreneur” ?

The app world is full of glitterati. It attracts a number of developers and novice entrepreneurs to create applications that has the potential to create a wave in the market and please the audience beyond a doubt. However, creating such an application is nothing short of a fairy tale. Smartphone apps governs the most basic need of humans today. Right from the start to end of day, our lives is majorly tapped through an app.


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While the users of an application are happy with its performance, the makers are overwhelmed  with the success of the app.  But the question is are all apps successful? It is rarely we read articles and write-up about applications that are not successful. The reason for this is that application does boast of opportunities that are promising . Having said that it is also important to head in the right direction  or else the entire effort can be futile. Therefore, if you wish to become a highly successful “Appreneur”, read the heartwarming story of Chad Mureta.

Those who are attached with the mobile app industry for a while, probably know who Chad Mureta is. For those who don’t know of him, here is a brief story of his life.  Chad Mureta is a Business Management  graduate who is an erstwhile real estate who is now a successful app entrepreneur.

His story is very inspiring and interesting for all those who are exploring the opportunity to become a success “Appreneur” themselves. One fateful evening back in 2009, the world changed for Mureta when he had a near fatal accident that left him hospitalized for nearly  18 months. While laying on the hospital bed, Mureta read an interesting newspaper  article on “app millionaire” which was given to him by a friend. Feeling immensely inspired and refusing to go back to the real estate business, Mureta began in research on how to design and outsource app development. Upon his release from the hospital Mureta borrowed $ 1, 800 from his step dad to start his very own app business.

Finger-Print-Security-Pro the first app created by Mureta earned him revenue close to $600,00.  This was just the beginning and with a span of 2 years he has at least 45 apps to his credit. Today, Chad Mureta is considered to be an icon in the app world. He is one of the most successful “Appreneur”, without having any previous experience in technology and app development. Besides being a  successful app business owner, Mureta now spends great deal of time in helping many startup app development companies  to devise strategies on how to develop high selling app. In a recently published article on Masahable, Mureta point out the following 10 pointers that will guarantee the success of an application.

#1. Close Scrutiny of the App Market is important :

A close scrutiny of the marketplace is a basic rule of setting up a business and incidentally this applies to the app market as well. Whether you want to create an app for iOS or Android it is imperative to pay good attention the Apple apps store and Google Play respectively. For instance to get an insight into the Apple app store ecosystem, budding entrepreneurs must “study the Apples cheat sheet” which comprises of information on top free apps , top free apps, top grossing apps etc. All this information will come extremely handy at various stages of development.

#2. Taking Cue from Successful Apps is not a bad move :

While its good to be unique, there is no harm in taking cue and inspiration from one of the successful apps on the bloc.  A mere out of the box idea will not guarantee the success of an app. Rationalize the reasons as to why you are creating the app? Will a person like to use the app created by you. ? If you wish to create an app which remotely resembles an app that already exist, then study that app carefully.

“I can’t stress the importance of emulating existing apps enough,” Mureta says. “It’s easy for people to fall in love with their own idea, even if the market doesn’t show an appetite for it. But this is one of the most costly errors you can make.”

#3. Creating Rough Draft of App Design always helps :

Mureta emphasises on creating a rough draft before getting on with actual design and development. While some designers use sophisticated software to design the app, jotting the design on a mere paper can work perfectly clear. This initial design draft can work well to point different stages of design development.  Mureta urges also downloading an application as a reference to show the design on the kind of app he is looking for.

#4. Registering as a Developer for a given platform is important :

Many first time appreneur are extremely stressed by the term “Developer”. However, if you want to create an application registering as a developer for any platform that you wish to create an app is important. This means that you are the authorized person to will publish, initiate any update in the future.

#5. Finding a Good App Developer is important :

Most “Appreneur” are not actual developers. Therefore, they will have to find a resource with requisite skill sets. Finding a good app developer is extremely crucial for the job. One option is to directly google for iPhone developers or Android developers with optimum experience and qualification. However, if you consider yourself inapt to identify the right resource, it is a safe bet to outsource the job to an offshore enterprise. There are several potential mobile app development companies that successfully outsource app development services. For those new to the outsourcing concept make find the whole arrangement bewildering. But there are many modern communication tool like Skype, Email and IM that makes the task of remotely monitoring the project quite seamless.

#6. Sign Non-Disclosure deal with the Third Party Programmer/Company :

Once you have finalized and hired  the app developer who will be working on your app, make sure to sign a non -disclosure deal with him/her/them. Protesting your design, concept, source code and intellectual property rights is very important from all professional standards.

#7. Give a small Coding Task to the Developer you have hired :

Mureta point that rather than instantly start with the actual development project, the programmer should be asked to perform small tweaks to gauge his/her potential as a developer. “If you’re underwhelmed with their skills, you need to get out quickly. Remember: Hire slow, fire fast. It will pay off over the long run,” Mureta says. Here is a 3 step process that one must adhere too :
a. Icon : Give the task of creating and delivering the Icon of the app to your programmer.
b. Hello World ! : Another process is to ask the developer to create a simple Hello Word App. It is a fairly simple and a 10 minutes process but is excellent to tab down the potential of the app developer.
c. App Delivery : It is very important to test the “test version” of the app. This is also called the ad hoc version. Installing the Ad hoc version on one’s phone is important to test the how the app is performing.

#8. Application Testing :
Testing an app before the final release is very important. Don’t just test the app for yourself, but urge other people from your circle of different age group and interest to test the app in order to gauge the real response towards the app created by you .

#9. Post the App on App Market :
Assuming that you have tested your apps from all aspect, it is now time to post the application on the app market. If its your first app, ask the programmer to teach you the process of publishing the app. However, at no point share the login details with the programmer for security purposes.

#10. Time to Market the app :
The app store be it Apple or Google Play is brimming with app. Therefore, to get noticed in the crowd you will have to do some work. App optimization is key. Secondly, your app should be extremely discoverable, stating its purpose in clear words and seamless to download and use.

The 10 points mentioned in this write-up are nothing out of the ordinary or something very different. We may have heard about these point over and over again. These basic elements will never change. Mureata success a successful “Apprenuer” stems from these point. Therefore, the lesson is stick to the basic and rule the world.  

Manoj Verma

By Manoj VermaManoj Verma, is CTO at TechAhead Software, with over 12 years of technical experience with leading global organizations such as HP and CISCO in Project Management and System Design & Development. Manoj has worked in Logistics & Warehousing, Freight Management, Education, Online Trading, Portfolio Management, Project Management, E-commerce with POS, Social Networking, IVRS and Telephony, App Integration domains on process assessment and automation.