Ten Countries with the Maximum Number of Smart Phone Users

Research indicates that about 80% of humans across the globe own a mobile phone. Out of the 5 billion mobile phones owned, about 1.08 billion are Smartphones. In the United States alone, there are about 91.5 million Smartphones. 9 out of 10 Smartphone users utilize their hand-held devices on a daily basis.

Users between the ages of 25 and 35 are more likely to own a Smartphone than any other age group. 53% of the Smartphone users are male, while 47 % of them are female. Texting is the most common Smartphone activity, followed by internet browsing and playing games.


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Research further indicates that Android and iPhone are the two platforms with the highest market share. Android has a market share of 47%, while iPhone has a market share of 28.8%. The majority of Android users are below the age of 35, and they tend to consume more data on a monthly basis compared to users who utilize other mobile operating systems. On the other hand, iPhone users tend to download more apps on a monthly basis when compared to users who utilize other mobile operating systems.

Smartphone usage varies from one country to another. The following are the top 10 countries with the maximum number of Smartphone users: -

1. China

The fact that China has the largest population in the world (about 1.3 billion people) makes it easy for it to have the highest number of Smartphone users. The number of mobile phone users in China is not less than 1.2 billion, while the number of Smartphones in use is more than 245 million. Over 50% of Chinese Smartphone users love the device simply because it can be used furtively. About 28% of the Smartphone users in China use not less than 22 apps on their smart devices.


2. USA

USA was the leading country on Smartphone usage, but was surpassed by China at the beginning of 2013. The number of mobile phones in use in the United States is about 334 million, while the number of Smartphones in use is not less than 230 million. The vast majority of working-age people (18-54 year olds) already own a Smartphone.


3. Japan

The number of mobile phones users in Japan is more than 128 million, while the number of Smartphones in use is not less than 78 million. A majority of the Japanese users love apps, and about a third of these users never use their Smartphones for social media.


4. Brazil

Unlike Japan users, Brazil users love social apps. There are more than 259 million mobile phones, and more than 55 million Smartphones in use in Brazil. About 18% of all the apps that are downloaded by Brazilian users are social apps.


5. India

In India, there are about 700 million mobile phones in use, and about 44 million Smartphones in use. Indian users utilize their smart gadgets to surf the web and for online chatting. There are more Indian men than women that love web surfing, whereas there are more Indian Women than men that use their devices to communicate on social media sites.  


6. United Kingdom

The number of Smartphones users in the United Kingdom is more than 43 million, while the number of mobile phones in use is more than 76 million. About 23% of UK adults confess that they are highly addicted to their Smartphones.


7. South Korea

There are more than 32 million Smartphone uses in South Korea and about 56 million mobile phones in use. The concept of “virtual retail shop” was first invented in South Korea to allow Smartphone users to scan product’s barcodes while shopping, and have the items delivered later.


8. Germany

There are more than 107 million mobile phone users, and over 27 million Smartphone users in Germany. German citizens rank second in the world for consumption of beer. Therefore, a majority of the German Smartphone users are more likely to use their devices to search for pubs and restaurants.


9. France

In France, there are more than 72 million mobile phone users and 26 million Smartphone users. This country is considering implementing a 1% “culture tax” on Smartphones, which will be pretty much similar to the one that it imposed on radio and T.V.


10. Canada

There are over 27 million mobile phones and 23 million Smartphone users in Canada. Since there are numerous and great app developers and many Canada-specific apps, Apple has provided the “Great Canadian Apps” section in its App store.
Other countries that have a high percentage of Smartphone users in the world include Russia (22 million), Spain (18 Million), Singapore and Australia.


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