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Considering the present scenario and market trend, the smartphone industry is dominated by two names, Apple and Android. At the same time it will be unwise to ignore the resurgence of Windows phone, the presence of which is being felt slowly but steadily. Having surpassed Blackberry by a considerable margin in the month of May, Windows phone could be the next big thing in the realm of smartphone and tablet computers. A major credit for the popularity of Windows phone has to be attributed to Nokia. In the last few years Nokia, the primary hardware partner of Windows Phone has given a major impetus to the platform in the market. As a result of this effort, Nokia Lumia 520 has registered to be the most successful Windows phone till date.



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The success of Windows powered Lumia line of phones may seem to be like a drop in the ocean, especially when success of Samsung and Apple is raging high. A primary reason for this is that Microsoft has been holding back on the software component of the platform for some time now, secondly the domineering presence of Android and iOS Smartphone is too intimating to compete. Last week Microsoft conducted the annual Build conference at San Francisco, however we did not get any update or major announcement on the platform regarding additional features such as the “Notification Centre”. A no show on this aspect of the platform was surprising since in June 2013, a screen shot of Windows Phone notification Centre was leaked online.




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The absence of a notification centre from Windows phone is a major concern for the platform, especially when both Android and iOS are constantly striving to improve notification centre of its respective platforms. In fact notification centre is the most desired feature that many users are expressing on the Windows user voice website. Having said that the leaked screen shots of the Windows phone notification centre bears testimony to the fact that soon the feature will make way to the platform. This additional feature will surely improve the prospects of Windows Phone in the market.

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In addition to that Microsoft is also yearning to expand the Windows app store. In past few months Microsoft has been trying antics to attract developers to create more and more applications for the platform. On such attempt was to give cash worth $100 per app that made way to the market place before June 30th 2013. All in all the future of Windows app development look bright for the following set of reasons:

The strong alliance between Nokia and Windows is perhaps the most formidable reason that will run in favor of the platform. This partnership has not only benefitted Microsoft but has also helped Nokia to claim its lost glory in the mobile industry. In times to come Nokia has expressed desire to improve the hardware component of Windows phone that will surely open up a plethora of opportunities for windows app developers in the market.

The unusual and beautiful interface of Windows Phone has attracted a number of users towards the platform. And with Apple allegedly replicating the flat design of Windows phone on iOS7, the platform is expected to receive a lot of attention. Secondly, the interface is truly amazing and has a lot of scope for application development with new flavor and concepts.

The release of the latest Windows mobile OS has helped users to perform multi tasking. This is great news for developers as it ushers in some noted advantage to the platform.

The new APL and tools that the platform boasts off is good news for the developers. This addition will allow developers to think of innovative designs as well as ideas for application that are intricate and experience enhancers.

Until sometime back, windows phone were regarded as redundant and slow because of the presence of more sophisticated mobile OS that has the support of active consortium of developers. However, the situation seems to be reversing, as Windows is striving to carve a respectful place for itself in the market. The windows app development is also gathering momentum with over 70,000 app currently featuring on the Windows app store. Although it may be a small number considering the mammoth size of Google play and Apple app store, it surely is promising wherein more and more developers will be drawn towards the platform to create innovative and exciting applications.


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