Category Based App Stores – The New Gem in App Discovery Options

Apple acquired Chomp in February, earlier this year. What Chomp basically does is to help people search and discover the apps.


But why Apple bought it?

With more than 25 billion apps downloads, Apple App Store is a big success, it has changed the entire mobile world. But the App Store is far from perfect, and with its immense scale, a few problems have been revealed. The biggest one is app discovery. There are over 500,000 apps in Apple App Store itself— how do you find right one for you? 

And Apple App Store is not the only App Store for mobile apps, we have many more. Google Play (Android Market), Amazon App Store, Windows Phone Marketplace, GetJar etc are few major ones. There are too many app store for app developers to submit their apps to, but you will often hear them complaining about their app not getting discovered. Why so?

Something is wrong, really wrong!

We have App Stores and we have categories in them. But finding an app is not easy. Most app stores list apps based on Most Downloads, Best Ratings, Editor’s choice etc. Most apps that couldn’t make it to Top of the lists are usually left out of the race. People who are looking for apps from a particular category of apps are usually able to find very few apps, though many better apps in same category might exists. You can’t even find apps for e.g. by curriculum skills like Literacy and Arts & Music etc. In short, app stores are cluttered.

Is there a solution for this problem?

Luckily there is, category-based app stores. How they can help? Well these categories-based app stores make discovery of apps really easy, and gives exposure to many good apps, which otherwise might have got lost in App stores. 

Suppose you are a parent/teacher, and is looking for iPhone apps which can help your kids to play and learn easily during these summer vacations. If you go and search on Apple App Store, you will find a category called Education. But that’s about it. You will have to search for Kids based apps individually. There is good chance that you might miss many good ones.

Now, suppose that an app store dedicated to Kids Apps exists. It lists apps that Kids can use. The apps are rated keeping Kids user friendliness in mind. Teachers and parents can easily search apps based upon various categories or subject, It makes app discovery really simple. Well good news is, many such App Stores are available.

Success Stories of Category-based App Stores

There are many, few of them are:

Kids Education App Stores: There are so many for this category. list iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps which are suitable for young kids. App Stores like KinderTown, Smartots, Kodiac, YogiPlay etc not only list apps suitable for Kids but also provide analytics solution for parents/teachers, so they can keep track of time spent by their kids on different apps. They have personalized app recommendation engine for children and their families, they give apps recommendation tailored to each kid. While App Stores like Smartots allow parents to analyse the time spend by kids on apps, App Stores like Famigo provides a SandBox like environment blocking purchases, calls, texts, and email on the device. Many of them(app stores) have received million dollars in funding, and are used aggressively by parents, teacher, schools etc.

KinderTown Educational App Store

Medical App Stores: Among the most famous is Happtique. It is an app store for healthcare professionals by healthcare professionals. Happitique lists apps based upon type of audience. E.g. physician, nurse, pharmacist, etc. Happtique uses a healthcare app (hApp) indexing method designed to be intuitive to industry professionals. It also offers healthcare enterprises—like hospitals, continuing care facilities, and physician practices—the ability to create individually branded, secure substores that support employee and patient mobile technology use. This app store is very famous amongst medical practitioners.

Games App Stores: Becausewemay lists mobile games which are on sale. It is fully dedicated to games. People looking for games on discounts are able to find them easily here. It also rates apps depending on if it was nominated for an award etc. Famous Video Game rental service, GameFly, has already announced that it will launch an App Store for Android Games this fall. It will be called the GameFly GameStore and should be ready for Android phones and tablets by this holiday season.

What is in it for a Developer/Publisher?

Category-based app stores offer win-win situation for all, people are able to find the apps they were looking for, while developers/publishers can reach to larger audience with their existing apps. While these category-based app stores are gaining more popularity, they are yet to reach their optimum level. As a developer, you can list your apps in these stores and get better reach. Being an early adopter will give you an advantage as you will be able to understand the market better and boost your sales.

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Manoj Verma

By Manoj VermaManoj Verma, is CTO at TechAhead Software, with over 12 years of technical experience with leading global organizations such as HP and CISCO in Project Management and System Design & Development. Manoj has worked in Logistics & Warehousing, Freight Management, Education, Online Trading, Portfolio Management, Project Management, E-commerce with POS, Social Networking, IVRS and Telephony, App Integration domains on process assessment and automation.