Why Mobile Apps for Website Make Sense?

We already know that the future of the web is mobile. More and more consumers will be accessing data and information through their smartphones, tablets and other portable devices. Businesses therefore need to prepare by upgrading their presences on the mobile web. Faster the better!

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I recently came across a question on Quora, in which it was asked as to why any business would like to get a dedicated mobile app, when many of the issues can be tackled by making the existing website mobile ready by means of Responsive design, Javascript, CSS, etc. This post is a response for all those who have similar thoughts in mind. I am listing down various advantages that a mobile app has over a mobile website.

1) Increased performance: One of the biggest advantages that mobile app possess is better performance than a mobile website. Though mobile web browsers are getting better at accessing certain mobile-specific functions such as click-to-call, SMS and GPS. However, if you require access to a user’s camera or processing power, a mobile app will still do that much more effectivley. 

2) User experience: Another important factor. Many mobile browsers can’t handle JavaScript and Flash. A properly built app gives a developer control over the way text and images are displayed, as well as the use of sounds and videos. Mobile apps can utilize the whole screen of the phone and remove other distractions from the shopper like address bars. There are also no compatibility issues when apps are dedicated to the device they were developed for. Screen size and features are consistent for all users. An app with Native features is loved by users over a generic mobile website.

3) Personalization – A mobile app offers a better personalization. If target users are going to be using app in a personalized fashion on a regular basis (like EverNote) then an app provides a great way to do that.

4) Offline availability:  If you need to provide offline access to content or perform functions without a network/wireless connection then an app is a better choice. Even when wi-fi or 3G is unavailable, a customer can still browse your catalog or other application features which does not require Internet access.

5) New venues for marketing and promotion: With mobile app, you can reach to larger audience. App Stores open up gates for new channel which you can use to market your website/services.

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These are few very generic advantages that a mobile app holds over mobile website. Other advantages include Push Notifications, Better User Loyalty, etc. Good thing is, you can still have a mobile website along with a mobile app so your users get the best experience, always.
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