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With mobile devices becoming a way of life, there is a growing demand for mobile developers who can design apps for various platforms and devices.

Around 75% of the world’s population uses mobiles, and there are around 6 billion active mobile subscriptions worldwide. For companies, having their brand on these devices is an easy way to engage customers and gain brand loyalty. With the presence of different platforms such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows, it’s a challenging task to find mobile app developers whose skills extend across multiple platforms.

What skills should Mobile developers possess?

  • Technical qualifications and expertise in the specific platform and SDK
  • Years of experience in developing apps for different mobile devices
  • Awareness of guidelines and developer policies of the various platforms
  • Mobile app development at competitive prices
  • Open approach to development
  • Skills for cross platform development

Why hire Mobile Developers from TechAhead

TechAhead has a strong team of mobile programmers who have the qualifications and experience in developing apps across several platforms, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows. Hiring mobile app developers from us brings several advantages.

Superior technical skills – There’s more to mobile app development than technical qualifications. Skilled mobile programmers earn experience from working on developing apps across various genres and platforms. Besides being familiar with the SDKs and policies of each platform, they also know the market well enough to infuse the app with superior design and user interface – a prerequisite for a successful app.

Transparent approach to development – We follow a transparent development methodology. As a result, clients are aware of every step in the process of developing an app, so that they can test it and provide feedback as and when as issue arises. This saves considerable time as there is no risk of having to go back to the drawing board at the end of development, since changes are made before a stage is complete before moving on the next step.

Scalable manpower needs – For any company, the costs associated with recruiting a permanent employee are much higher than hiring a temporary mobile development professional. While hiring developers from us, there’s the added advantage of being able to access multiple skills and scaling the number of developers up or down depending on the requirements at a particular stage of the process.

Cost competitiveness in app development – Due to the experience and expertise of our mobile app developers, clients save time and money as the development cycle is completed in a much shorter time, thereby saving costs. In addition, with the lower manpower costs associated with hiring from us rather than getting an in-house developer, development costs are significantly lower overall.

Flexibility – We give our clients complete flexibility with respect to cutting short or extending projects, after the minimum term is complete. For clients this means greater control of the development process from start to finish.

Do you have an interesting idea for a mobile app? Engage with us to start getting it ready for the market.

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