8 Ways to Make Facebook Less Annoying

These days, the No. 1 social network wants to be your everything, constantly assaulting your eyes with ads, suggestions, and updates from people you haven’t thought about in years. Luckily, the settings are fairly flexible, and you can tweak’em to dodge some of the clutter.


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1. Only Important Updates:

Want to stay in the loop with an old pal, but don’t need to see evry last update throughout the day? Click the little arrow at the upper-right of a post, select “Hide,” and then choose “Change what updates you get.” You can pick by category, or better yet, just hit “Only Important Updates.” Done.

2. Or Zero Updates:

On second thought, want to remain friends but avoid the person’s updates for now (or forever)? Select “Unfollow” from the previous drop-down menu and that person will go silent on your News Feed. Re-add him or her later by hovering over the Friends button on their profile page.

3. Turn Off Email Notifications:

Facebook will get a little email happy if you let it; in fact, ther’s a ;ist of nearly 50 things that they’ll email you about. Just pop into the Notifications Section of Settings and go through the list of email options. You can save yourself a lot of daily aggravation with a few dozen clicks now!

4. Choose Wisely:

Maybe you want to share news with some sets of folks, but don’t want comments and opinions from everyone you’re connected too. Be choosy. After typing up an update (but before posting), click the drop-down and select which groups or people can and can’t see your missive.

5. Disable Game Requests:

Does your third cousin continually send you requests in some generic-looking social game? Bury the notifications. Click the little X next to a request to disable all future notifications from that particular game or app – or even all such requests from a certain, game-obsessed friend.

6. Keep Your Wall Yours:

Don’t want friends tagging you in each and every little post and having them busy up your profile page? Turn on Timeline Review in Settings to give you the option of approving which tagged posts appear on your little corner of the facebook universe.

7. Kill False Endorsements:

Facebook’s advertising policies rub some folks the wrong way – namely how it’ll attach your name to a deal just because you “liked” a company. Don’t let Facebook misrepresent you to friends. Under Ads in Settings, select “No one” under the “Ads & Friends” header.

8. Disable Imported Tweets:

Many users like to import their Twitter activity as status updates, but if you’re friends on both sites, it’ll only clog up your News Feed. This one’s a breeze: Simply hide a tweet-based update (like before), and then choose “Hide All Stories from Twitter.” Just like that, they’re gone.

Vikas Kaushik

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