iOS 7 Vs iOS 6 Benchmark Results

Keeping the excitement and expectation alive Apple Inc launched its much awaited iOS 7 operating system for mobile devices, with a whole new interface. We at TechAhead Software were not far behind and wanted to see how these benchmarks would fall if we test it, as people are after numbers when it comes to checking how fast their device is, when compared to others.

So let us see how it rolls when the benchmarks of iOS 7 got tested and compared with iOS 6 in iPhone 5. Though you can also take these benchmarks into consideration for iPhone 5C as iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c share nearly the same hardware specs.

Below are some of the benchmark tools which were used for the test, we had already tested the Beta 1 version of the iOS 7 and now it is time to test the final version.

1. SunSpider Test:

The first benchmark tool that was used is SunSpider. Sunspider is not an app rather a website which you have to visit in order to measure the JavaScript performance. It tests the real scenarios like encryption, text manipulation etc. The SunSpider tests the core JavaScript language only and not the DOM or other browser API’s.
It is designed to compare the different versions of the same browsers and different browsers to each other.

The results for iOS 7 Vs iOS 6 were:


iOS 7


iOS 6

The iPhone running iOS 7 scored a total of 758.8ms +/- 7.3% as compared to 873.3ms +/- 4.7% of the iPhone 5 running iOS 6.
Hence, iOS 6 was the clear winner in the SunSpider Test. This test might annoy some of the iOS 7 users, but it seems the new iOS 7 is a bit heavy on the browser.

2. 3D Benchmark Test:

The 3D benchmark test is the test used to check the 3D power and capabilities of a phone.
3D Benchmark is a popular tool that measures graphics of a device. It takes us back in the World War scene where you can see old fighter jets flying. The frames per second delivered at the end of the result depends on various factors like Operating system, the device and the type of graphics and sound selected.
The more the FPS (frames per second), the better it is.


iOS 7


iOS 6

Now this test might also annoy the users of the iPhone 5 running iOS 7 as per the results. Herein, as per the results of the 3D benchmark test, the iPhone 5 running iOS 6 appeared to have 42.65 as the average FPS with total time duration of the test being 11.7 sec.
Whereas the iPhone 5 running iOS 7 took a total duration of 12.02 sec giving the average FPS to be 41.50 which is nearly a marginal difference of just 1 but still iOS 6 stands the winner.

3. Bonsai Benchmark:

The bonsai benchmark is an app which measures the 3D and next gen post-processing performance of your device. Bonsai Benchmark By Rejected Games is one of the most beautifully rendered graphics benchmark app on the Apple store, it has several stages like the Static Lighting (Lightmaps), Dynamic Per Vertex and Pixel Lighting, Normal/Specular Mapping, Motion Blur etc.
On running the bonsai benchmark on both the OS, the results were:-


iOS 7


iOS 6

Herein, the iPhone 5 running iOS 7 was the clear winner with a total score of 4189 points and an Average FPS of 59.8 when compared to 3997 points wth an Average FPS of 57 in the iPhone running iOS 6.
A marginal difference is there but iOS 7 wins the league in Bonsai Benchmark test.

4. PerformanceTest Mobile:

The PerformanceTest Mobile is one of the leading benchmark tests which provides us with different test suites like CPU Tests, Disk Tests, Memory tests, 2D Graphics Tests and 3D Graphics Tests to know the performance of your device.
Results were:


iOS 7


iOS 6

The CPU scoring in iOS 7 was 25120 as compare to 24834 to that of device running iOS 6. Hence ,iOS 7 was the winner.


iOS 7


iOS 6

The disk test scored 12917 in iOS 7 to that of 12656 in iOS 6. And the memory test scored a total of 3182 in iOS 7 to that of 2753 in iOS 6. Again a marginal difference, but still iOS 7 remains the king.


iOS 7


iOS 6

A great difference was there in 2D test with 1175 points scored in iOS 7 as compared to 1629 in iOS 6. Hence 2D rendering in iOS 6 was better than iOS 7.


iOS 7


iOS 6

In the 3D test the results was alike with a very nominal difference with iOS 7 scoring 1755 to that of 1710 in iOS 6.
iOS 7 was the winner here.

5. LinPack Test:

LinPack benchmark tests the measure how fast a computer solves a dense N by N system of linear equations Ax = b, which is a common task in engineering. The solution is obtained by Gaussian elimination with partial pivoting, with 2/3·N3 + 2·N2 floating point operations. The result is reported in millions of floating point operations per second (MFLOP/s, sometimes simply called FLOPS).

Here the results were


 iOS 7


 iOS 6

This was the last test conducted by us and we were shocked to see that iOS 6 won here with 559.37 Max Mflop/s and 537.54 Average Mflop/s compared to 522.57 Max Mflop/s and 487.26 Average Mflop/s.


From the various benchmarks tests conducted above, it is very clear that iOS 7 is a bit heavier OS when compared to the iOS 6.
For those who are upgrading their iPhone 4 and 4S to iOS 7; you all might get a feel of a better looking OS with extra features and added advantages but these features comes at a cost of speed lag in these devices.
Overall I loved the look and feel of iOS 7, we might see some updates to tackle the speed lags in the near future.

Jitin Narang

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