What is the Cost of Developing a Game for iPhone?

Before you kick-start on developing any mobile devices, you should first take a few things into consideration. First, you must consider the audience that you want to target with your app. Secondly, you should determine when you want the app to be on the market, and most importantly, you must consider the amount of money you wish to spend on an app. Putting all these factors into consideration will enable this venture to be profitable for you to recover the time, effort and money spent on it.

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Now an imperative question that arises is, how much does it cost to develop a game for iPhone? Well, of all the considerations and determinations that you will have to make, determining the cost of app development will be the most complex. This is because there are a number of factors that will affect the total amount of money that you will spend for the development of a viable app. The following are the major factors affecting the cost of developing a game for iPhone:-

  1. Type of developer

There are different types of game developers out there, and each one of them charging a different rate depending on the level of expertise and experience. The following are the various types of developers: -

  • Outsourced teams: – There are outsourced teams from outside Eastern Europe, India, Taiwan, Southern America etc that can get the job done for anywhere between $10k-$40k.

  • Freelance developers: – This is a broad category of experts that may comprise of college students or those with a bit of experience and still learning the ropes. The freelance developers may charge somewhere between $5 to# 25K.

  • Dev Shops: – When preparing to work with a dev shop, you should prepare a larger budget. Dev shops, especially those with great portfolios charge between $100k-$170k to develop medium-sized apps.

It is important to note that hourly rates for app developers vary from one developer to another. You should also keep in mind that price is not always a dependable indicator of quality though. For the best value of your money, it is advisable for you to choose an app developer who not only has low overheads to develop your app, but also has a proven track record.

  1. Type of app being developed

Apps can be categorized in four major groups, depending on the amount of time needed to develop them. They include: -

  • Simple apps: – These are apps that have only 3 or 4 screens, and serves one basic function. Simple apps don’t store any data about the user or about the previous uses of the app. Examples of simple apps include Paleo feed, Simple Pomodoro and App Starter.

  • Database/API apps: – These are complex apps that require information to be stored on a remote server or on the user’s device. They also allow users to register, sign in, synch their data between multiple devices and save lists. Examples of these types of apps include Headspace, Day One and Elevatr.

  • Multi-featured/Enterprise Apps:These types of apps are usually the core of a business. They allow users to access their information using your app on any web browser or device. Examples include Evernote, BBC iPlayer and Facebook.

  • Games: – The variety in complexity of game apps is quite huge. From simple Pong to complex Iron Man, games can range in price from somewhere between £7Kto £200K.

  1. Duration of time needed to develop

This is another factor that will determine the total cost of developing a game for iPhone. The duration for time will vary depending on the type of developer creating it and the type of game app being developed. While a single freelance developer may take months to complete a single app, a large development company may employ a few designers and developers to complete the task in a few weeks or days. Simple apps will also take short durations of time to complete compared to complex apps.

Developing a game app can be a very daunting process. As such, this crucial task should be delegated to a highly skilled and experienced developer in order for success to be achieved with the shortest time possible.




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