Best 5 Useful Business Networking iPhone Apps

Business networking is no easy business. That’s why businessmen take help of all the tools they can lay their hands on. In this age when the world is united by technology, it is fair to call business apps the best tool one can get for networking. iPhone, being the pioneer of the Smartphone world and the concept of apps, has a lot to offer in this field too.

Let’s take a look at the 5 best business networking apps in the iTunes store.

1) Contacts Journal ($9.99)

What it does: This app will remind you of your meetings, conference calls, Skype calls, birthdays, and anniversaries. This will help you to keep in track with all the appointments and not miss the important occasions of the professionals in your business network.

Contacts Journal is a powerful tool that will transform your business and personal relationships: save notes of important meetings, set follow ups, and attach important documents to each of your contacts. Carry your relationship history with you, wherever you go!


2) Smartr Contacts (Free)

What it does: Smartr Contacts is a free app that ties all your contacts in one thread from different sources and builds an information rich, compact profile for them.

Once on the internet, we are so torn in different directions by a number of profiles and accounts so that ultimately it is difficult to keep a track of it all. It is a contact relationship management tool that you will thank the next time you need to look up a business contact among hundreds stored in your account.

smartr contacts for iPhone

3) MeetMe (Free)

What it does: It instantly draws up suitable places in the middle where you can meet if you enter your current location and that of your colleague.

As much as you argue that most of communication takes place today through the internet, meeting up with a colleague for a tête-à-tête has no substitute. But usually it is difficult to co-ordinate and find time for such meetings in our difficult schedules. To synchronize time and meet in the middle you can use the MeetMe app, available at $0.99. You can narrow down the search by selecting what kind of place you would like to meet at. When you have decided on one, Meetme emails the details and directions to you and your colleague’s email.

meetme iphone app

4) WorldCard Mobile ($6.99)

What it does: Integrates business cards with your iPhone’s contacts.

Keeping track of your business contacts’ business cards and keeping them updated is a chore. Unless you have the WorldCard Mobile app, of course. This app, available for $5.99 will scan business cards and digitizes as much information as possible and stores them with the respective contacts in your phone.

worldcard iphone app

5) Happening ($1.99)

What it does: It allows you to find business events nearby and RSVP from your iPhone.

This app comes dirt cheap ($1.99) and acts as a sort of business wingman. Apart from that, you can even check out the events at your friends are attending. The app relies on Yahoo! Upcoming.

happening iPhone App

Apart from these five, Hootsuite, LinkedIn, Gist and such have the potential to find a place in the ‘top 5’ list. But for a balance of simplicity and utility, these five are my picks.

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