Best Tips for Marketing an iPhone App

So you have created a great iPhone app. It looks all good and you have got it tested extensively for any bugs. The review from friends and beta testers is pretty good and you want to get it noticed among thousand of users.

App Marketing is an important factor for almost all iPhone developers and businesses who want to make sure that their product reach masses. A good marketing plan and its proper execution can improve the chances to success multiple times. In this post, we will talk about certain points which can surely help your iPhone app reach a large number of users and you will get a huge number of app sales.

App Store Optimization

The number one driver of downloads is visibility in the App Store. We did a post on how to get your iPhone app featured in App Store in January. Getting featured is great, but getting into the search results when users are browsing for apps is better. To do this you need to understand what keywords users are searching for when they look for apps. Apple doesn’t give you any insight into this, but you can create a Google Adwords account and look for high ranking keywords in your topic area. This will tell you the common terms used in Google searches. You can then use these terms in the keywords section when you submit your app. One thing to note is that you can only set the keywords when you submit a new binary. So do your homework up front, as you won’t be able to adjust keywords until your next release.

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Social Media

The easiest way to create the buzz about an app is to have people talking about it on Social Media. Create a Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus page for your app. Engage your customers. Give promocodes to people who want to review your app and ask them to post it on their Social accounts. You should do it after 5-6 hours of app being launched into App Store.

Online Reviews (Blogs and Review Sites)

Find a blog or review site which has the same target audience as yours. Getting a good review on review sites like 148Apps can definitely boost app sales. You might be surprised to see by how many web page hits can be delivered by a good blog post or review.

App Demo Video

Make not more than 1.5 min video demo for your app with all info and link to reach the app on Appstore. People love to watch and share videos, and a good video about your iPhone app showing its features can come in really handy for effective marketing.

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These are few tips which can help you in effective marketing of your app. If you have got other tips, do share with us in comments below.

While you would like to promote your app as much as possible, make sure that your app is the absolute best that it can be. Remember, no amount of promotion will fix a bad product. At TechAhead, we have created hundred of iPhone apps for our clients which have done remarkably well in App Store. If you have any iPhone Apps Development requirement, get in touch with our iPhone  expert developers on for a FREE 30 minutes no obligation consultation($200 Value).


Ashutosh Kaushik

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