Top 10 iPhone Apps with the Best UX

There are several factors that go into a good app. Design is a key feature. Functionality and user experience are also important. While the former might differ based on perceptions of the usefulness of an app’s features, there is no denying the importance of user interface (UI) or user experience (UX). Even an app that looks beautiful on the face of it might have issues with how user friendly it is, thereby dampening the user’s experience. Most iPhone apps that get featured are recognized for the great user experience they deliver. Here is a look at the top 10 iPhone apps with the best UI/UX along with an analysis of what makes them popular.

1. Path – A social networking app that helps maintain and share a journal, Path allows photos, music, videos or even your thoughts to be posted directly on social networks such as Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter. Originally an app that was used for photo sharing, Path has since evolved into a complete journal. Navigating its beautiful interface is easy with the iPhone’s swipe feature, enabling one of the best user experiences as everything can be accessed from the main screen by swiping. It also has a timeline feature that keeps track of the date and time of all posts.

Path iPhone Apps UI

2. Flipboard – Like the name suggests, this app helps in aggregating all posts and rss feeds into a single flipboard, so that everything can be accessed on the go. One of its coolest functions is that users can collect clippings from magazines or blogs that they want to read and store them either to Instapaper for immediate reading or to Read it Later for retrieval at a later date. It’s almost like creating a personalised magazine.

3. Hipmunk – This iPhone app allows users to find the cheapest flight between two points. What’s more, it has several useful features that enhance user experience such as reducing the annoyance factor by allowing agony filters such as the number of stops or flight duration. As an extension of the web version, this app allows users to bookmark a flight using the mobile search and then log in to the site with a secret code/password to make an online purchase.

4. Bump – This popular app allows sharing of contacts and photos just by bumping two phones against each other. It is a great way to transfer contact details to a new person in a formal setting or a social event. Alternatively, photos can be shared easily with family or friends.

5. Tweebot – This app from Tapbots is one of the most popular Twitter apps on the iPhone, due to its customised user interface, sounds and integration of the iPhone’s tap and swipe features for activating timeline, direct message viewing, adding links and other convenient functions. A new readability feature allows easy viewing through the browser.

6. Yelp – This handy iPhone app lets users locate restaurants, bars, gas stations or any other place of interest in a neighbourhood by browsing through the list of options and then narrowing down the choices based on proximity, price and opening hours. What’s more, users can access and read reviews by the ever-growing Yelp community, for help with making the right decision.

7. Clear to do – While an app that helps manage a to-do list may seem mundane, with its attractive and easy to use interface, Clear makes managing tasks simple and fun. It integrates the tap, pinch and swipe features of the iPhone beautifully to help update tasks, tick them off the list, add reminders and even make a shopping list – a handy way of managing daily tasks.

8. Airbnb – This app, which falls under the Travel category lets users easily find accommodation options in bed & breakfast places throughout the USA. Tapping on a destination of choice, swiping through the various bed and breakfast or apartment rentals, viewing photos of the places, narrowing down the options based on a map view of the proximity to a place of interest, makes navigating this app easy and entertaining.

Air Bnb iPhone Apps

9. GroupMe – This is a fun app that allows users to send out group messages to contacts in their address book. Group responses are displayed in a chat room style format. This app is great for communicating with groups, whether it is for informal networking with friends or coordinating with team members for organising an event.

10. Calcbot – Another app from Tapbots, this is one of the most user friendly calculator apps for the iPhone. It has a prominent display that shows recently entered operations. Besides simple functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, Calcbot can also perform scientific calculations.

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