Apple Celebrates Most Innovative Apps of 2013

The 2013 Apple design Awards commend 11 well-designed apps, ranging from fun and addictive games to excellent productivity tools.


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Every year during the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple recognizes new, especially innvative apps. This years’s Apple Design Awards winners consist of a mix of fun games and some useful productivity apps, along with a couple of cool apps from student developers.

WWF Together:
Apple commended the World Wildlife Fund’s iPad app-WWF Together-for it’s attention to detail and beautiful aesthetics, as well as for it’s original music.The WWF Together app tells the stories of different endangered species, including pandas, tigers, and polar bears, through photos and illustrations. (

Badland is an atmospheric side-scrolling action-adventure platform game that incorporates novel, physics-based gameplay along with beautiful Retina graphics and high-quality audio.
In single-player campaigns, you have 50 unique levels to explore. Or you can try the multiplayer mode, which allows up to four friends to play through 16 levels using the same device.
Apple commended Badland’s production values as well as the app’s integration with Game Center and iCloud. (

An art-studio app for iPad-toting artists, Procreate is packed with an assortment of 48 brushes, including pencils, inks, and digital-only tools.
Procreate runs on a proprietary engine called Sillica, which renders strokes with 64-bit precision. It also has blend and decay brushes that you can use in real time. You can preview the brushes before buying them with in-app purchases as well as share your art with Photoshop or on social media. (

Yahoo Weather:
Yahoo’s new weather app stands out from the crowd with its beautiful visual design. The app also uses Flickr photography to match the current weather conditions on any specific location.
And if not for that smart photo-matching capability, you could say that Apple was inspired by this app when it redesigned its own Yahoo-powered Weather app for iOS 7. (!-weather/id628677149?mt=8)

Deceptively simple but strangely addictive, Letterpress garnered an award from Apple for its unique blend of entertainment and strategy. Simple gestures and subtle animation make this letter game a lot of fun for players. Incorporating Game Center and in-app purchases, Letterpress is an iOS exclusive. (

Ridiculous Fishing:
This game takes you through an infinite arcade world where you fish with weapons, chainsaws, toasters, and other wacky utensils. It sports a distinctive retro style and keeps players engaged with physics-based gameplay, plus a dash of humor and a generous helping of fun.
The game offers no in-app purchases but does give you ready access to several hours of gameplay across different continents as you follow the game’s main character, Bill, on his quest for redemption. (

Sky Gamblers-Storm Raiders:
In Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders, you travel to an arcade-style game world set during World War II, where you take part in dogfights, protect ships, and attack enemy bases. The game features a huge selection of planes from historic WWII fleets. You can play with your friends in either cooperative mode or competitive mode, and you can also beam the game to your TV via AirPlay – if you have an Apple TV. (

Apple recognized Evernote for it’s ability to keep notes organized and synced across iPhones, iPads and Macs. The app lets you store notes, photos, to-dos, voice memos, and even sketches and drawings with free companion apps such as Penultimate and Skitch; you can also keep track of your contacts with Hello, and record your culnary experiences with Food. (

Finish is a to-do app developed by Ryan Orbuch and Michael Hansen while they were sophomores at Boulder High School in Colorado.
Their task-manager app, which uses gestures to break up your to-dos into short-, medium-, and long-term tasks, integrates with Facebook and Twitter, where you can share your tasks with colleagues. (
Another iOS exclusive, was developed by self-taught developers and MIT students Ishaan Gulrajani and Alex List and University of Pittsburgh student Zain Shah.
The app connects two or more iPhones or iPads around a single image to create a photo mosaic, using each device’s relative position to another. (

Coda 2:
Coda is wide-ranging Web development editor. It offers a tabbed interface that lets you write and edit HTML and other code, create and modify CSS, perform command- link work, generate live previews, look up code references, and transfer files back and forth via SFTP, FTP, or WebDAV – all within a single app. (

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