10 Hidden iOS 5 features you probably do not know

iOS 5  is the latest smartphone operating system from Apple. While Apple has come up with lots of innovative features but there are still so many minor enhancements made to iOS 5 which are little known. We will cover 10 hidden features that are awesome, but not known to many.

Here is our list:

1. Easy access to Camera App

Taking photo with iPhone has never been this easy. You can now access the Camera app directly from your Lock Screen by simply double clicking the Home button. The Camera app is instantly loaded and snap a picture by pressing the Volume up button. You can also take picture by simply pressing the volume up button on the iPhone earpiece.

Hidden iOS 5 Feature Camera Access

2. Panorama Picture Mode

While there are multiple applications which enable you to get same thing, there is nothing better than having it in native camera app.
To enable panorama for iOS 5, the instructions will look similar to this:
•You must have a program able to manipulate iPhone/iPad backups, such as iBackupBot
•Open the latest backup with your software
•Navigate to: /Library/Preferences/com.apple.mobileslideshow.plist inside the backup
•Open/edit the file to inlcude:
•EnableFirebreakYES under the DiskSpaceWasLow value.
•Export/save the file
•Restore the backup to your phone

Hidden iOS 5 Feature: Panorama Picture


3. Assistive Touch

Keep your fingers off your iPhone as much as possible with AssistiveTouch, which lets you tilt and move your phone, tablet, or touch for certain commands. There are a variety of motions available and you can determine which correspond to certain functions—for instance, you can shake your iPhone to lock it. To Enable Assistive Touch: Go to your settings, and under general, choose accessibility, where you should see AssistiveTouch at the bottom of the screen. Enable this and you will see an icon in the lower right hand corner which gives you options for up to four-finger gestures and determine what they do. You can also select “device” to create commands for controlling your phone that way.

Hidden iOS 5 Feature: Assistive-Touch

4. Custom Vibrations

Eliminate the need to impolitely glance at your phone to distinguish its priority by using Custom Vibrations. Just like custom ringtones for your contacts, so you know who’s calling before you’ve even reached for your phone out of your pocket – those that find they often use the ‘silent’ profile, can now use the equivalent method of identification with vibrations. If you’re regularly in meetings, or other occasions where your iPhone may be on silent, you’ll know whether it’s your wife, husband, son or daughter etc, calling. If its your doctor, perhaps you’ll be anxious for those long-awaited test results, and you’ll proceed to fetch your phone.

To Enable Custom Vibrations:
Go into Settings>General> Accessibility and turn Custom vibrations on. Next time you’re creating/editing a contact you can make your own vibration pattern. Any sequence of vibrations can be recorded, up to duration of 15 seconds.

5. Alternate routes in map

You don’t even have to toggle this on or anything—it’s just there waiting for you to take advantage of it. One of the most frustrating parts of using the pre-installed Maps feature is the lack of route choices. Now when you’re trying to find directions, options labeled “Route 2” and “Route 3” (should there be a third) will hover over the map.

Hidden iOS 5 Feature: Alternate-Routes
Hidden iOS 5 Feature: Alternate-Routes

6. Hide your Safari activity

Safari now has the option to hide your browsing activity. Enable it: Go to settings and find Safari. There, you’ll see a new Private Browsing tab. Enable this and the browser will no longer auto-record everything you do and pull up the last page you visited every time you open the app. You can also find an option to clear your web browsing history.

7. Keyboard Shortcuts for frequently used Words/Sentences

You can now configure a set of Shortcuts for frequently used sentences. Let’s say you want to say “I will call you later, I’m in a meeting”. Instead of typing the entire sentence, you can simply type “iwcl” and iPhone will automatically change it to “I will call you later, I’m in a meeting” for you.
Enable it: Go to Settings >> General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut.

8. Reading List in Safari

iOS 5 adds this cool feature, “Add to Reading List”. No need to use any 3rd party app now. With this new feature, Safari lets you add websites to Reading lists which can be accessed later on. Nice feature!

9. Built-in Emoji

You don’t need to use a 3rd party app for Emoticons now! iOS 5 has added Emoji right into the OS.
Enable it: Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Emoji and you’ll have access to a ton of emoticons that can be used anywhere, including iMessage & Address Book.

Hidden iOS 5 Feature: Emoji
Hidden iOS 5 Feature: Emoji

10. Create new Photo Albums

Creating new photo Albums have never been this easy before! iOS 5 lets you create new photo albums right on the iPhone.
Enable it: Open the Camera Roll >> Click on the icon at the top right corner >> Select the photos you want to add to new album >> Click Add To and then give a name to your new photo album!

Hidden iOS 5 Feature: Photo-Albums
Hidden iOS 5 Feature: Photo-Albums

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