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Sports App for F1 followers to get real time updates from F1 pilots. Regular updates from ESPN are transferred to the app, which can be accessed by the user. ESPN F1
ESPN is a leading television channel from U.S. It is one of the most popular sports channel across the world. We at TechAhead were given a chance of developing App for the F1 race. F1 also known as Formula 1 is a championship of single seater auto racing, the formula in the name is a set of rules to which each racer must comply. Each season there are a series of races called the Grand Prix. F1 cars are the fastest multi turn circuit racing cars in the world, with the speeds of about 350 km/h.
The ESPN F1 App for iOS users is a complete free app for all Formua One fans. The App keeps track of everything happening in the world of F1 racing across various seasons. The App provides GPS information, classification of pilots, news, twitter updates, and race details back to back in real time. Apart from this some of the noticeable features of the App include, Countdown, which helps users keep track the time till the next GP. Twitter Pilot, a function which lets you follow your favourite F1 race drivers and their twitter updates. Real Time, this function helps users get real time narration of the live action. Also the App provides Race schedules, which helps you the schedule of various seasons and learn about various circuits. The classification and Results section allows users to get the rankings of teams, drivers in this season as well as the past few seasons with photos. Regular updates from ESPN are transferred to the app, which can be accessed by the user from anywhere around the world. There is also a Photo Gallery section which contains the images of various seasons.

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