When it comes to smartphones, the iPhone is so popular that “iPhone” has become synonymous with “smartphone” to some people; much like “Band-Aid” is often used to describe any bandage. But when it comes to iPhone app design, you can’t take a Band-Aid approach, just sticking together some code and throwing it out into the marketplace. Apple has high standards for the apps that can be used on its devices, and an iPhone app designer has to satisfy the company’s requirements in order to get their app out to the public. Luckily, companies can turn to TechAhead. We’re experts in iPhone app design. The apps for the iPhone that we develop meet Apple’s quality standards and when you trust us to create a custom mobile app for your company, your customers will be downloading it from the Apple App Store in no time!


People expect anything associated with Apple to feature a sleek, beautiful design, and that includes the apps that you can put on the company’s devices. We work hard on the look of each of our iPhone app designs to ensure that they fit well with the iOS platform, so that users will have a seamless experience. But of course, as with any app, creating a good app for the iPhone isn’t just about design. IPhone app creators need to make sure that their app meets not only their standards, but those of Apple. For instance, Apple checks every app to make sure that it meets usability standards, including things like how much of the content fits on the screen without scrolling and making sure that the “hit targets,” the places you’ll need to tap with your finger to activate a function, are big enough. Apple also examines the code of each app for bugs to make sure that the app will work reliably without crashing. An iPhone app designer must also make sure that their idea is unique. Apple screens out apps that are too similar to ones that are already in the App Store. It also rejects apps that it considers offensive, which can include things that are defamatory, overly violent, or pornographic.

It might seem like Apple has a lot of rules, but consulting with TechAhead will eliminate any need to worry about them. You can leave the worrying to us. We’ll work with you on your iPhone app from start to finish, communicating with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the app you want and the quality you need, all within your budget. We can also design iPad and Android apps, as well as ones for Windows, so you can cover any or every platform. And we’ll put your app through rigorous testing to ensure that it works exactly like it’s supposed to before it’s submitted to the Apple App Store. Hundreds of companies have already trusted TechAhead to build their apps: Contact us today and let us create one for you, too!
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