Top 5 Reasons why iOS will not bid for Facebook Home

For avid Facebook users, ‘Facebook Home’ is the answer to their prayers. It is the latest and much talked about product of Facebook, the most popular social networking website in the world that allows users to get all Facebook related updates on the home and lock screen of their Android propelled Smartphones and devices.

Prior to the release of ‘Facebook Home’, Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of this iconic company and also the chief architect of the product had stated that, if ‘Facebook Home’ goes on to be a hit it would perhaps shake the very foundation of Google’s Android and bring down iPhone sales along with a major slump in the iPhone developer community and the Android application development. However, the big question is has ‘Facebook Home’ managed to capture the imagination of the users and ousted the popularity of iPhones or has it reversed the revenue graph of Google vis-à-vis Android as it was expected to do.


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At that time these predication seemed quite logical for Facebook has a staggering one billion users spread across the world. In addition to that there are at least hundred and fifty million users who access Facebook application from their iPhones. However, within a short span of its release; ‘Facebook Home’ hit a meager rating of 2.5 out of 5 on Android’s apps store “Google Play”. 

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Let us examine the reasons why ‘Facebook Home’ could not ignite the magic that most users were expecting out of it.  To begin with, it severely messes up a person’s privacy. Although social media is all about reaching out to people and the world at large, what ‘Facebook Home’ does is way too interfering and annoying. Another factor which is also a matter of much concern is that ‘Facebook Home’, restricts over all usage of a Smartphone. All my friends including me who used ‘Facebook Home’ agreed with unison that reaching out to the notification box or other applications on the phone was becoming an ordeal  which perhaps prompted us to uninstall ‘FB Home’ from our phones. Keeping these aspects in mind, Home is great for people who regard Facebook as their world, but a twinge for those who feel otherwise.


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Even though Facebook Home could not impress the Android audience, the recent reports from the tech realm suggests that Mark Zuckerberg is in now talk with Apple to design a similar interface for the iOS.  Although nothing has been finalized as yet, I have a strong sense that Apple shall not bid for’ Facebook Home’ for the following five reasons.

  1.  The first reason is a very logical one; ‘Facebook Home’ fell overwhelmingly short from the home run with reference to their bid to create magic on Google Play. Keeping the past record in mind is Apple ready to take that risk.
  2. For the longest time Apple is quite smug about the features that it offers to its users. If, Apple agrees to ‘Facebook Home’ it will become the focal point of the phone and may supersede the other features of the phone.
  3. Apple is very strict as well as takes pride with the closed door policy that it adheres too. Therefore, to hit the nail in the wall will be a tough call for Facebook.
  4. Most applications that we find on the apple apps store are paid.  Giving access to ‘Facebook Home” on payment (which I feel shall be the case, if at all ‘FB Home’ lands up in the app store) will be strictly against Facebook’s ideology and tagline, “It’s free and always will be”.
  5. Lastly, the latest iOS7 that will be unveiled soon is expected to undergo major design changes. If, Apple agrees with ‘Facebook Home’, the new design features of the phone may hit the back ground something which Apple can never allow.


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