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How we work

Techahead uses agile methodology for application development.


How we work mobile developers

This means, you can:

  • Have a working prototype ready within weeks of starting the development
  • Improve the product on-the-go and add new features if required
  • Easily manage the product development directly with the development team

Typically a project will involve the following steps:


Every mobile application starts with an idea or the need to provide a particular service. And, no matter how complex an idea or enterprise solution is, we would like you to note that we are equipped with the technical knowledge and tools required to help you bring your idea to life by giving a detailed SOW (Statement of Work). The SOW will comprise of features, user-interface, functions, navigation process and aesthetic design of your proposed app.

Key Deliverables: SOW

The Design

The design phase involves creating storyboards and mock-ups that provide exact details on; the interface design, screen wire frames, page/section hierarchies, navigation process coupled with an overview of how the mobile app will look and function after been developed. The next stage commences only after:

  • You go through the storyboard
  • And give your approval

Key Deliverables: UI design, Wireframes

The Development Phase

TechAhead combines cutting edge technology, experienced programmers, and graphic designers with business savvy technicians to draft the codes required to kick start the functions and features set at the design stage. This phase occurs thus:

  • Code writing
  • The running of Iterative programming sessions
  • And the development of a functioning prototype

Key Deliverables: Working prototype

The Testing and Deployment Phase

At this stage, the functioning prototype is passed through a series of tests to find and eliminate any issues concerning usability and functionality. This consists of the following phases:

  • Internal Testing— of the application through a multi-tier QA process on the mobile platform your app will be deployed on
  • User Testing— involves getting the end-users of your app to carry out targeted exercises needed to gauge how your customer base will interact with the app.
  • Random Testing— this is done by a stakeholder from your firm, to enable your organization get a first-hand feel of the mobile app and its intuitiveness.
  • Troubleshooting— if any functionality issues arise during the 3 test stages, TechAhead focuses on these issues and re-runs the above tests to eliminate future problems.

Key Deliverables: Test reports, ready-to-deploy application

The Release and Post Production Phase

Developing your mobile app is just the first major phase in our development process. The second major phase encompasses distribution of the developed app on the right platforms, using a perfect distribution strategy. This phase includes:

  • Getting your app published on the right app stores
  • Providing marketing consultant services (optional)

Key Deliverables: Released product

Project Closure

Support is the key ingredient to market a mobile application successfully. At TechAhead we love to receive feedbacks from our clients of every app we develop, in order to better streamline our efforts in providing you with periodic updates and technical advice.

Key Deliverables: Compilation of project learning.

Finally, go through our portfolio, get inspired and share your unique ideas with us!

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