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5 Top-Notch Video and Voice Calling Apps For You


We live in the era where we all are very busy in our own spaces and are getting away from the people we love and admires the most. Hectic and busy schedules have become a seriously issue which is leading human race to isolation and loneliness in the present scenario. Maintaining equilibrium between personal and professional lives is the area of concern for most of us today. We can overcome this dilemma with little carefulness and with the use of right kind of technology. Yes, you heard it right with right kind of technology in fact. Each one of us can be in touch of our families, friends and pals no matter wherever we are.

This is possible with the latest Video call apps enabling people seeing and talking to their contacts on the move on their smartphones and tablets in just few clicks. Here are top five video calling apps (compatible with iOS, Android, MAC, PC’s and laptops) which can be really useful to you and your connections -

1) ooVoo Video Call, Text & Voice – ooVoo video calling app is best in term of video quality and clarity moreover you can make voice call and send text like other video calling smartphone applications available presently. Extra ordinary video quality in the unique selling point(USP) of this mobile app. The another thing which makes ooVoo better and different from other existing products is it’s “Group Video Chat”, where you chat with your twelve contacts using Wireless fidelity(Wi-Fi), 3 Generation(3G) or 4G Long Term Evolution(LTE) Internet connectivity. ooVoo is really very easy to use with more than Ninety millions users and is available on more than three hundred smartphones and tablets world-wide. ooVoo has been awarded thrice for its excellent quality of video calling and resourcefulness. ooVoo has been awarded as, Best social networking application 2013 by Tabby Awards, Best application technology 2013 by Appster Awards and Best android application 2011 by well know PC Magazine.

Some other features of ooVoo Video Call, Text & Voice app are listed below -

Cross Platform Connectivity – You can connect with your family and friends while using android smartphone or tablets on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, MAC, Laptops and PC’s and vice versa

SuperClear™ video – With this latest SuperClear™ video technology you can have the highest quality of video calling on your smartphone, tablets, laptop, PC etc without any extra data consumption.

Echo Cancellation – For crystal clear voice during the video call sessions without any distraction.

Fab 5 – With this amazing feature you can put any of your five contacts in your list on speed dialling mode.

Rich and Bright Filter – For video recording and in-call videos.

Free Google Play Store link for downloading ooVoo – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oovoo


2) Tango Messenger, Video and Calls – Tango is a much more than just a video, voice and text messaging mobile app unlike others. Tango is a completely interactive and whole lots of fun as it offers a much more than instant messaging in the form of video, voice or text. Tango is in fact a “Messaging and Mobile Social Networking App” and has been awarded with many prestigious awards like – Best communication application in 2013 at Appy Awards, Must have Apps List – 2013 verizon wireless and Best texting application in 2013 at About(dot)Com Reader’s Choice Awards. Here are some highlighted features of Tango -

No Registration – You not need to create a login and password for signing Tango.

Connectivity – Tango offers a cross-platform connective using Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G LTE with compromising with quality of video and audio clarity

Group Chat – Tango offers a group chat up to three hundred users at a time along with one on one video, voice chatting option.

Social Networking – You can make your own personalized profile on tango like Facebook and other leading social networking site. You can upload status, picture and videos on your profile. Like, comment and share your contacts status, pictures and video in the same fashion. Tango also have “People You May Know” option where you get connection suggestions of the friends of your friends.

Fun and Gaming – There are over thirty featured games on Tango. You can challenge your friends and share you high score on the leader-board. You can discover, listen and share songs with your friends via using Spotify. Use funny animations for personalizing your calls and texts.

Free Google Play Store link for downloading Tango – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sgiggle.production


3) Skype – free IM & Video Calls, is undoubtedly one of the most popular video calling app on Android, iOS and Windows OS enabled smartphones, tablets, PC’s and laptops. More than 250 millions people across the globe using Skype for talking to their family and friends via video calls, voice calls or text messages. Some of the key features of Skype are listed below -

Low cost call to mobile phones and as well as on landlines phone

Compatible on TVs too – Apart from smartphones, tablets, PC’s, laptops and MAC Devices, Skype is available on Television set too.

Share Your Selfie – Share you pictures with your contacts along with your present status with your contacts using Skype.

5 Star Rating – Skype is rated with 1,805,084 five stars rating on Google Play Store and is highly recommended and loved by the users.

Skype is available free on Google Play Store. You can download it for free via using this link – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.skype.raider


4) Video Calling Free – This is another video calling app to look for with simple user interface and high-definition video quality. This video calling app has that everything which is expected by users and absolutely free on leading app stores. Video Calling Free is not so popular like other Skype, ooVoo and Tango but is undoubtedly no less in any of the aspects in term of video, audio and connectivity. Let’s put some limelight on some of the main feature of this Video Calling Free app -

Easy Login – Users can easily login into their Video Calling Free with their Facebook details. User’s information is subjected to privacy and are just needed for the users authentication.

Video Calling Free is an “Open Market Seen application” which enables you to make video and voice calling on 3G, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi connections.

Make unlimited numbers of high-definition video and voice calls “without using your cellular voice charges.”

Here is the free Google Play Store download link – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.classicapps.video.chat


5) Android Face Video Calling – At the five-spot we have Android Face Video Calling, this app is exclusive for Android users but is completely compatible with other range of smartphones, tablets and with PC’s, MAC and laptops.

Download Android Face Video Calling app free from Google Play Store now – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vdocalling


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Sneak Peek at New Nokia X, The Next Generation SmartPhone


Nokia is back with their yet another mind-boggling innovation in the mobile phone industry. This time it’s Nokia X, latest smartphone which is grabbing all the eye-balls in the market. Nokia X is a mid-tier smartphone which runs on modified version of Android operating system and is known as “Nokia X Software Platform”.

In simple words, we can say that for the very first time Nokia smartphones will come with the modified version of the Google’s “Android Open Source Project” i.e. (AOSP). But, this doesn’t mean that this new genre of smartphones will come under Android category. Nokia X Software Platform is an independent operating system which has many things quite similar to Android OS. In nutshell, this new hybrid smartphone which will make you feel as if you are using Windows and Android at the same time. Apart from this Nokia has also launched two variants of the same available in the market by the names – Nokia X+ & Nokia XL having enhanced software, hardware and features specification. But for now let’s get to know more details about new Nokia X.

Design & User Interface Specifications -

The new Nokia X is not so lavish but it doesn’t mean that it’s not a good-looking devices anyhow. In fact, the hardware specification are quite lucid like most of the previous range of Nokia smartphones. The corners of the phone are specified with a broad case. The back panel of the phone is coated with polycarbonate which makes the phone smooth to touch and handle. Nokia is offering a range of colours for Nokia X and its variants out of which brighter one are more likely to preferred.

The one unique feature of this smartphone is its “Single Capacitive Button”, which is simply a “Go Back Command” button. This button is quite similar to the home button being used in most of the smartphone these days. This button brings you back of the home page pausing the app you are using at that time. Similarly, pressing this button on home screen brings you back on the app which went in the pause mode back and resume it. The home screen of Nokia X is much liker the other windows smartphones with tile-format icons arrangement.

Performance -

No doubts, Nokia X is not the most happening handset like latest iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S series. Users are going to notice a bit of lethargy while they are browsing website and web contents with Videos, images, info grams etc and even sometimes with the app icons of the home screen of the phone. But it doesn’t mean that Nokia X is not preferable smartphone to choose. In fact, the user experience is quite decent with the limited number of resources which never leave frustrated and clueless about the thing happening.

In the range where Nokia X falls, it’s a better smartphone as its offers efficient access to Twitter, Facebook and other aspect from other smartphones of the same standby packages. Moreover, it’s quite affordable and come with Nokia’s branding value. Nokia X is a dual-sim smartphones which gives freedom of switching between networks along with Nokia’s outstanding battery life. The another useful feature of Nokia X is “Home Screen Customised Notifications” which includes a text-based arbitrary. This is something which you are not going to get on a Android smartphone till now and it’s quite user-friendly.

The basic specifications of new Nokia X can be summarized into below mentioned points -

1- Screen Resolution - Nokia X comes with a Four inches, 800×480 display.

2- Camera Quality - Three mega-pixel rare camera

3- Memory and Data Storage - You can store data up-to 32 Gigabyte in your Nokia X via micro SD card with 512MB RAM and Four Gigabyte of in-build storage.

4- Battery Backup - 28 days Standby battery, talk time of 10.5 hours, internet surfing time 4.5 hours

For details information about Nokia X, you can visit – http://Goo.gl/hk1e2e

From the above discussion, we came across some of the major pros and cons of using Nokia X, let’s have a look at them -

Major pros of using Nokia X are -

1- Affordable - Nokia X and it’s variants are quite affordable and offers the most of the features which expensive other smartphone have. Moreover, it also offers some more features which are not there is other smartphones of higher price tag.

2- Light and Sleek - Nokia X is very light-weighted and is sleek unlike the other big and bulky smartphone which have higher risk of physical damage and theft.

3- Battery Backup - Unlike most of the other smartphone, Nokia X promises a longer battery life with longer talk time and browsing time periods.

Some of the cons are also listed below -

1- Sluggish OS as compared to iOS and Android OS

2- Web navigation is not smooth

3- No Google Play Store


The other two variants of Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL are too very interesting smartphone option in the market today. Let’s have a look at the Comparison of Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL

Key specifications of Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL:


Nokia X

Nokia X+

Nokia XL


4.0-inch WVGA (800x480p) IPS LCD screen with pixel density  of 233 ppi (pixels per inch)

4.0-inch WVGA (800x480p) IPS LCD screen with pixel density of 233 ppi

5.0-inch WVGA (800×480) IPS LCD screen with pixel density of 187 ppi


Nokia X Software v1.0 (part of AOSP- Android Open Source Project)

Nokia X Software v1.0 (part of AOSP- Android Open Source Project)

Nokia X Software v1.0 (part of AOSP- Android Open Source Project)


1GHz Dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 series CPU

1GHz Dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 series CPU

1GHz Dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 series CPU





Storage capacity

4GB (expandable up to 32GB)

4GB (expandable up to 32GB)

4GB (expandable up to 32GB)


Main: 3.0-megapixel camera with 4X zoom,   (No-flash)

Front camera: N/A

Main: 3.0-megapixel camera with 4X zoom,   (No-flash)

Front camera: N/A

Main: 5.0-megapixel camera with LED flash. Panorama lens

Front: 2.0-megapixel HD wide-angle camera, f/2.8 aperture


1500 mAh;

Talk time: up to 13.3 hours (2G) and 10.5 hours (3G)

Standby mode with dual-SIM: close to 17 days

1500 mAh;

Talk time: up to 13.3 hours (2G) and 10.5 hours (3G)

Standby mode with dual-SIM: close to 17 days

2000 mAh;

Talk time: up to 16 hours (2G) and 13 hours (3G)

Standby mode with dual-SIM: close to 30 days


Dual-SIM, Bluetooth v3.0 (with HS), Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), micro-SUB v2.0, Nokia store apps with third party Android applications, microSD card slot, stereo FM Radio,

Dual-SIM, Bluetooth v3.0 (with HS), Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), micro-SUB v2.0, Nokia store apps with third party Android applications, microSD card slot, stereo FM Radio,

Dual-SIM, Bluetooth v3.0 (with HS), Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), micro-SUB v2.0, Nokia store apps with third party Android applications, microSD card slot, stereo FM Radio,


115.5 x 63.0 x 10.4 mm

115.5 x 63.0 x 10.4 mm

141.4 x 77.7 x 10.9 mm



128.7 g

190 g


Black, Cyan, Green, Red, White and Yellow

Black, Cyan, Green, Red, White and Yellow

Black, Cyan, Green, Red, White and Yellow


 MRP in India after taxes: ₹8,599

€99 (around ₹8,500 )

(excluding local taxes)

€109 (around ₹9,300)

(excluding local taxes)

At TechAhead, our motive is to give best possible information of latest buzz and trends in the mobile industry. We put our best efforts to bring up the latest news in the marketing through our Blog, we hope you people are liking it.

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Top 10 Teddy Bear iOS Apps for Kids

teddy apps banner

Teddy Bears are kid’s best friends. Nearly everyone had one during his childhood. With the advent of technology kids are more into gadgets and gizmos. Hence to help them learn with fun and once again join hands with their old friend Mr. Teddy we have compiled a list of 10 Teddy Bear Apps for kids. These Apps will help your child develop a better memory and IQ at a faster pace.

 FairyFail HD

1) FairyFail HD:- The game is similar to Angry Birds but with lots of tweaks and graphical enhancements. Your aim in this game is to release the Teddy Bears from their cage. A fire extinguisher, throws bats at the cages which break open when you hit them using the right parabolic path, but the game does not end here. If you hit the Teddies at the right angle you will see them fly away on a balloon, else they might hit a bomb or get trapped in the box. Overall a great game for youngsters which is easy to master but hard to conquer as the stages advance.

App Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fairyfail-hd/id466766834?mt=8&uo=4&at=10l4CB

 your-teddy-bear free-app

2) Your Teddy Bear! FREE:- This App is for kids with Age 4+ and allows users to dress up their Teddy, take its picture, showcase them along side other users from around the world. With more than 100 premium clothes for various occasions like Valentine’s day, springs, summers, office and numerous customizations the game is indulging and easy to use. Users can also share the images of their Teddy Bears over Facebook and Instagram.

App Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/your-teddy-bear!-free/id467957961?mt=8



3) Teddy Bear Maker :- This is a cute App which allows kids to create their own digital Teddy Bears from scratch. At the start you are given 15 different patterns, a user has to select a design from this list. Then a user has to cut and sew a pattern he desires. Once this is done, user needs to fill his design with cotton a give his design a shape. The final steps involves customizing the Teddy to make it look different, there are 70 different costumes, 100′s of accessories and props to chose from. Users can also share their designs on Facebook or send it by email.

App Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/teddy-bear-maker/id469869102?mt=8


4) Talking Teddy Bear HD:- There is nothing better than having a talking Teddy Bear. This is the one of cutest App on the iPad platform. This App does various other things than just talking, it can do gestures like crying, yelling, laughing, playing musical instruments like drums, and a lot more. The brown coloured Teddy in this App also reacts to gestures, you can talk to him, tickle him, make him jump, dance and do a lot more. All this can be shared over Facebook, Youtube and email as videos. The App has several other features to explore, like puzzles, Teddy’s friends etc.

App Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/talking-teddy-bear-hd/id427800257?mt=8

  bear-hospital app

5) Bear Hospital :- This iOS App by iBear Story brings hospital in your mobile App, kids can learn what happens in an hospital through this App. It has beautiful looking bear nurses, medical equipments, medicines and expert doctors. The aim of this App is to treat sick bears. A small sick bear is brought to the treatment area and nurses serve him after diagnosing, he is then treated until he regains health. Apart from this some of the other things to do in this App include making money, increasing personal reputation by getting grades to become a better doctor etc. Overall a great way to teach your kids how an hospital works.

App Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/il/app/bear-hospital/id454699230?mt=8

 teddy-runner app

6) Teddy Runner :- Teddy App by Collesta Inc. is a cute Teddy Bear game, where you have to run across stages in a much similar graphical interface to that of Mario Bros. and defeat cute looking enemies by throwing salmon at them. The main character is a pink coloured Teddy bear, game is rated 4+ and is free to download from the App store. It is available in two languages, Japanese and English and requires iOS 5.1 or higher to run.

App Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/teddy!!/id602551474?mt=8

teddy-hd app 

7) Teddy HD:- This App has been developed by Martin Schultz is a simple puzzle slider game, where the user has to align the tiles to complete the picture of a Teddy Bear. The game is free to download and is rated 4+ this app provides and amazing tool to develop the minds of toddlers, to assist them in solving this puzzle, numbers are written on top of each tile and a user has to align the picture in the right order. The game also keeps track of the time taken and the number of moves used to complete a puzzle. The game is 28 MB in size and requires iOS 4.3 or higher.

App Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/teddy-hd/id387613549?mt=8

 teddy-lin app

8)Teddy Lin:- This App is developed by developer Manuel Hurtado, and is much similar to the Clumsy Ninja App where the user gets a chance to interact with a Teddy named Lin. The App supports over 200 types of movements which includes, gestures like laughing, singing, custom movements, dancing etc. The game also has mini games to keep a user occupied. Touching the Teddy helps him perform some predefined gestures, though the poor graphics and monotonous background can be easily become boring.

App Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/app/id717210392

 teddy-mix app

9) TeddyMix 2:- TeddyMix 2 – Build and design by Leripa AB, is a complete learning and fun experience for kids. Where the user has to create its own world with adorable looking animation. From houses, to kitchen, living room, garden etc. This App is completely free with no in app purchases or ads. The App is aimed at helping pre-school, nursery kids or any one who likes teddy bears. The user has to interact with different objects in the four environments, a house with a garden, a street, a living room and a kitchen. Some of the gestures include cooking in the kitchen, sweeping the floor, drinking, eating fixing the road, planting trees etc. The music in the App is soothing to ears and is best suited for your child. This App is available in 10 different languages including English Dutch, and Finnish. If you like this game you should also check out TeddyMix 1 Sort and categorize game.

App Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/app/id455981824

 teddy-bear app

10) TeddyBear:- The TeddyBear App by publisher Siam iDev is a simple memory game which involves remembering two similar pictures and matching one picture with its pair. The pictures shown in the game are various coloured Teddy Bears. This game aims to improve the memory power of your child. The game is free to download from the App store and is rated 4+.

App Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/app/id434221303

There are several other indulging Apps for kids with teddy bears in it, all you need to do is just make a search on the App store and download them according to the desired age group. These Apps helps in improving your kids memory and IQ level at a much faster pace. According to iOS developers at TechAhead Software, “kids make up a large number of mobile users and targeting them is profitable for both developers and consumers.” App’s like  My Little Pony by Gameloft and Hasbro tempts kids to spend over £69.99, though this is completely immoral and is against business ethics. The focus of developers targeting such audience should be to impart knowledge with little emphasis on profit generation.

Android Vs iOS – 2014 Trends for Profitable App Revenue Generation

iOS vs Android

Let’s start by setting the record straight. It’s no longer iOS vs. Android but rather iOS and Android. Most serious app developers have realized by now that the best way to maximize revenue from an app is to be on both platforms. While some developers prefer to start on iOS and fine tune their offering before taking it to Android, others launch simultaneously on both platforms.  

The strategies for app revenue generation can vary from iOS to Android as the former offers higher revenue per download whereas the latter has the benefit of larger reach. However, a notable difference is that companies and developers are planning for porting from one platform to the other at the early stages in the development process, which wasn’t earlier the case.  

Here’s our take on the trends in 2014 for developing apps on iOS and Android that bring revenue to developers.

 The New Freemium

 Since it was introduced on 2009, Freemium or Free-to-Play apps, especially for gaming, have seen steep rises in revenues that come in through micro-transactions that allow users to pay their way to a higher level or additional time to complete a quest. At the end of 2013, 92 per cent of the gaming apps on iTunes App Store had in-app purchases as did 98 per cent of the ones on Google Play.


While apps such as Candy Crush continue to rake in revenue for developers, there are signs that the general public is getting disenchanted with this technique of money grabbing through deprivation as it urges users to purchase extra time, lives or tools to get to the next level. Already games such as PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies 2, which was awarded an honourable mention for Game of 2013 by Apple, have introduced a new model where the majority of the game remains free-to-play, with no deprivation. Instead, it offers downloadable content such as different modes or new plants that users can opt to get.
This ‘free-with-options’ trend is likely to dominate the stores in 2014.

 Going Beyond Gaming

 There’s no denying that Freemium apps will be successful in 2014 too. However, their revenues are likely to expand to genres other than gaming and move to music, messaging and news, among others. The success of messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Skype in generating revenues across multiple markets is an indication of the potential market for non-gaming apps across different regions.


(Image Source)

There are indications that these social messaging apps might become platforms in their own right by offering users additional content through the freemium model. This could range from purchase of premium emoticons to books and music.

Going Global

In 2013, Japan overtook the United States to become the biggest app market in the world, accounting for the highest revenue generation, and it’s not just localized apps that contributed to these statistics. Western vendors Supercell and King had two of the Top 10 iPhone apps in Japan (3 of the Top 10 iPad apps) in 2013. This trend is likely to continue as more companies in the West look at newer geographical markets such as Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Mexico and the BRIC countries, which have recorded strong performances and increased number of downloads in 2013.

app revenue by country

Image Source

Both the iTunes App Store and Google Play have over a million apps each on their stores and have crossed the 50 billion mark in terms of downloads. When looking at what the year holds for app development, besides revenue maximization, it’s important to keep track of users’ needs and preferences as the key to a successful app is innovation and offering something unique that no one else does.

TechAhead is a leading Mobile App Development company that is known for its creative approach that perfectly blends an app’s functionality with innovative design and user interface. The company has successfully developed apps across genres for iOS and Android.

5 Mobile Apps for Spicing up Your Valentine

valentines day apps

It’s February once again and if you take a walk down the streets or simply pay a visit to your favorite store, you definitely cannot escape the fact that once again, love is in the air. And if the red roses peeping out from store fronts are not enough to convince you, then the numerous deals for couples you will find in every store you visit will definitely do the trick.

Now that we have established the fact that this is “valentine season”, the tricky question of what to get your significant other to spice up the day or week pops up, and as we are your favorite source of tech news, here is a little list to spice up that special day.

avocado app android

Avocado: for couples who can’t get their fingers off smart devices, this social networking app is the perfect platform for  inviting your partner to enjoy a private digital space for the both of you. Avocado allows you share multi-media files—images, videos and audio messages—with your significant other. This means that you can plan your Valentine’s Day and shares images showing the places you plan to take her or him to on that day.

Play Store:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.avocado.android


ProFlowers: Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day isn’t recognized or set as a public holiday that allows us take the day off from work. Therefore, what else would a working person love more than a mobile app that lets you place orders for flowers and other accessories—teddy bears, chocolates and other items—which can be delivered directly to your door step. ProFlowers also comes with a feature that allows you choose both the delivery date and time if you are looking to surprise that special person.

App Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/proflowers-quick/id784143852?mt=8


PhotoFunia: Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without photo’s to remember the special moments of the day and this is where PhotoFunia comes in. This android based photo app is quite different from the norm because you can play around with its features to beautify your photographs. And the features include; approximately 150 themes that allows for the attachment of your partners head on him or her favorite hero. It also integrates sharing features for online posting.

Play Store:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.photofunia

virtual dj home

VirtualDJ Home: without music love cannot flourish and on the 14th of February, it is imperative that you have the right mix of songs to remind your other half about all the special moments of your relationship from the day you first met and other occasions that occurred throughout your relationship. And the VirtualDJ Home app is just the perfect tool for collecting and mixing your love tape. It comes with a simple interface that makes it quite easy to use.

App Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/virtualdj-home/id417934534

 Kindu app

Kindu: and the best way to end a day of love is definitely creating the mood for some intimacy and Kindu helps you do that. This app helps you send your ideas of intimacy in a subtle manner to your partner and it does this by asking certain questions that wouldn’t embarrass you or your date.

App Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kindu-couples/id346524753

These mobile Apps will help you get closer to your partner during this valentine season. If you are single the social networking app will help you find some friends, on the other hand the photo app will put you in a nostalgic mood. Have fun with these amazing apps and share your favourite Apps in the comments below.

Can a Mobile App Boost my Business?

mobile app business

On an eventful Monday morning at XYZ company, a brainstorming office meeting on how to move the organization forward is taking place and a youngster, adding his voice to those of more seasoned marketers and salesman comes up with the idea of developing a customized mobile app to help the company’s clients interact better with the organization products and services. His or her idea is laughed off by the so-called seasoned professionals but you have seen your kids being totally engrossed with their mobile phones and the youngster’s idea sticks to your brain and as the head of marketing, the final decision on what to do is yours.



(Image Source)

The app revolution which took the mobile industry by storm circa 2000’, was quite limited to the development of game apps, music apps and simple productivity apps like stop timers and To-do-list notes while only a few companies–like Apple– saw the benefits of app development and took the first steps which has given them a huge advantage over their competitors till date. So what are these advantages you may ask? The advantages are numerous but outlined below are a few benefits which any small/medium or large scale business owner can employ to maximize profitability.

There are basically three major advantages a mobile app provides your business with and these are; the chance to increase the public awareness about your brand, to acquire new customers and finally to provide an improved service or technical support for your current/future clients.

Mobile Apps allow clients to connect through their favourite brand and know more about their mode of work. Businesses on the other hand, can reach a larger audience and educate consumers about their products since these Apps are usually free it is a boon for businesses. Mobile Apps are specially helpful in the service industry, e-commerce and banking industry. A good example can be a restaurant App which allows customers to view the menu of their favourite restaurant and order their food.

Startups and small scale business organizations looking to attract the public’s notice to their brand make use of apps that provide a free or paid service which can be easily accessed by prospective clients.

Take an event company that develops an app that helps people plan the financial costs of organizing an event as well as help them locate potential venues for their event. This app will surely be used by event planners who will help create instant awareness for the owners of that app.

For the case of acquiring new customers, online betting platforms is the perfect example of how this is done because they develop mobile apps, advertise them on sporting websites with subliminal messages that are designed to spur the reader into downloading these apps. This method combined with other financial incentives has helped online betting platforms amongst other business ventures increase the number of customers patronizing their goods and services.


yelp ipad app

 Yelp.com App for iOS is a good example of a business app.

Large business organizations and product brands have also joined the mobile app phenomenon by creating customized forum apps for public use. These forum apps allow their clients and the occasional visitor get a first-hand insight about the quality of goods or services they provide. Forum apps are usually designed for internal discussions on topics concerning an organization therefore, business owners can place moderators to meet the every need of their growing clientele as well as update customers on new products, services or incentives available for them.

Finally, business owners in need of creating awareness, attracting more clients or providing adequate support for their customer base, should consider the possibilities mobile applications have to offer. With the right company developing your mobile apps, the sky will definitely be your limit.

Top 10 iOS Apps of 2013

top ios apps

With over a million apps available on the iTunes store, let’s face it, the competition is intense! Especially, since we are talking iOS where only the best apps make it past the stringent Apple standards to get there in the first place. While it would take us more than 365 days to review each and every one of them, there are some that caught our eye over the past year.

We have not taken into consideration spin-offs of existing gaming apps, but instead focused our efforts on apps that have had something unique to offer users in terms of utility, entertainment and design. Here’s our list of top 10 iPhone apps (listed in alphabetical order), which includes a mix of paid and free apps. In addition, they cover different genres.


1) Afterlight


Photo apps stole the show in 2013, and Afterlight was the best of them. Besides allowing basic edits such as cropping and rotating, this app provides a wide collection of tools that let users experiment with textures, borders and filters before sharing their photos on social media. Priced at $0.99, it can help to give iPhone photos a more professional look and feel.

(App link :- https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/afterlight/id573116090?mt=8 )


2) BillGuard

bill-guard ios app

This app, which helps users manage their finances better, comes with an excellent analytics interface that tracks users’ spending and highlights any discrepancies such as wrong charges or hidden fees. In addition, it analyses the places where the user shops frequently and finds coupons that can be redeemed during the next visit.

(App link:- https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/billguard-personal-finance/id602710567?mt=8)


3) Duolingo

duolingo app

An innovative app, which is also available on Android, Duolingo was ranked as Apple’s top iPhone app of the year, and it comes as no surprise. With a combination of verbal and visual lessons, it helps users learn a new language using their iPhones and keeps learners motivated by rewarding them for achievements. At present, users can choose to learn any of the five languages featured in the app – French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. What’s more, it’s free!

(Google play:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.duolingo )

(Apple Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/duolingo-learn-languages-for/id570060128?mt=8)


4) NewsBlur


After the disappearance of Google Reader from the App Store, several apps have tried to replace it, but in our opinion, NewsBlur does it the best in terms of speed and user interface. It’s also available on Android.

(App Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/newsblur/id463981119?mt=8 )

Google Playstore:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.newsblur&hl=en).


5) Over

 over app iphone-ipad

If you have often wanted to add a few words to a great picture before posting it on social media sites, Over is just the app for you. Priced at $1.99, this app helps to turn iPhone pictures into pic quotes or e-cards by overlaying the images with text.

(App Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/over/id535811906?mt=8)


6) Oyster

oyster app

This app is a dream-come-true for avid readers as it offers access to over 100,000 titles for a monthly subscription of $10, which is certainly worth it considering the cost of buying individual titles on online stores.

( App Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/oyster-read-unlimited-books/id672803850?mt=8 )


7)  QuizUp

quizup app

This all-in-one quiz game from Plain Vanilla has a collection of over 200,000 quiz questions and a well-designed multiplayer mode that makes the experience seem almost real. Its superior interface has made it one of the most popular all-round mobile games of 2013.

(App Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/quizup-biggest-trivia-game/id718421443?mt=8)


8) Seene

seene iphone app

If you have ever dreamed of having a camera that captures 3D images, this app can turn your iPhone into one. All you have to do is move your phone around the object that you want to photograph. The app takes a set of photographs and then uses them to create lifelike 3D images.

(App Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/seene/id698878590?mt=8 )


9) Venmo

venmo app

If you have ever had to keep tabs on how much money people owe you, this free app will help in doing away with a list altogether as it allows users to settle debts immediately (even small ones) using the iPhone. By connecting their checking account to the Venmo app users can send payments to their friends, relatives or colleagues without any processing fees. It also has a feature, which allows users to send reminders about money that is owed to them.

(App Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/venmo/id351727428?mt=8 )

(Play Store:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.venmo )

10) Vine

vine app

Vine had the fourth highest number of downloads in 2013. It’s a free app that allows six-second video sharing, which is the optimal time that viewers are kept interested. It also lets users create unique content by offering limited editing controls.

(App Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/vine/id592447445?mt=8 )

(Play Store:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.vine.android )

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Make Your Mac More Secure


In a world where security is becoming increasingly important, we’ll show you what to do to keep your Mac safe.

Apple already has a lot of security features baked into the Mac. From its strong, well tested Unix foundation to the built-in privacy features of OS X, it’s one of the most secure operating systems available to consumers. A lot of users, however, make mistakes in their daily usage that can severely compromise the security of their Mac. We’ll show you these pitfalls and help you lock down your Mac to make your privacy, digital information, and even your hardware less likely to be compromised.
Here we’ll cover security for user accounts of your computing workflow.

It has been said that a computer is only as secure as the user. That’s why we begin ou journey of making your Mac more secure here: if the user level of your Mac is left unsecured, then you are vulnerable to unwanted access to your machine. Let’s look at how we can make this part of your computing workflow safer.


Setting Passwords:

The first line of defense in any computer system is to secure your user account with a strong password. When someone has access to all of your files, your browsing history, your applications, and sometimes even your online accounts and passwords (if they are not stored securely). This is why it is very important to create good passwords and rotate them frequently.

Rotating (or changing) your passwords ensure that if someone were to get your password, it will not work once it has been changed. For system account passwords, we recommend changing them anywhere between every six months to a year.

If you have never set a user account password in OS X, then your system can be easily accessed by just specifying your username. This can be fixed by setting up your password for the system. To do this, open System Preferences by going to the Apple menu selecting “System Preferences.” Next, navigate to Users & Groups > Your User Account > Password. Once there, click on the “Change/Set Password” button.

In the dialogue that appears, enter your old password (if there is no old password, then leave this field blank), then type in your new password and verify it. You can optionally set a password hint only jogs your memory about the password you’ve set and does not include any information about the content of your password.

When you’re ready to secure your account, click on the “Change Password” button. Remember this password, as you’ll need it log into your computer and to make changes to your system.


Enabling FileVault:

Setting a password is essential, but there’s another oft-forgotten piece of the puzzle: your hard drive. Even though you’ve got a password set on your account, it controls only your login and access to your account. Files in your account are still written to the hard drive in plain sight. If someone is able to get physical access to your Mac, then they can easily read the files from the internal drive connecting it to another machine while your Mac is in Target Disk Mode, or by removing the drive and placing it in another computer.

To solve this, Apple introduced FileVault. This feature of OS X encrypts your entire device, files and all. This means that if someone were to gain access to your hard drive, they would not be able to read your files. The only way that the drive can be unencrypted is if someone had access to your OS X user password or had access to the recovery key.

Setting up FileVault to encrypt your Mac is an easy process. To enable it visit System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Filevault. Once here, click the “Turn on FileVault…” button. After doing this, you will be presented with a “safety net” passcode. Write down and keep this passcode in a safe place. If you forget your user user account password, this passcode can be used to decrypt your Mac’s hard drive.

On the next screen, you have the option to store your recovery key with Apple. If you choose to store your password with Apple, then you will be able to contact Apple to retrieve the passcode should you forget it in the future. This added level of safety means that you can still access your files, even in the worst case scenario. After selecting your options and filling in the security information, you will be prompted to restrat your Mac. This will begin this encryption process.

Upon restarting, your Mac will begin the lengthy process of encrypting your hard drive and all of its files. This process can take quite a while, so you may want to start this in the morning and let it run all day. Depending on the size of your device, it can take upward of 12 hours or more. The wait is worth it: your Mac will be better protected once the encryption process has completed.

One difference with your Mac that you will notice is the startup: on the Apple boot screen, you will now be prompted to sign into your Mac’s user account. This is due to the fact that your Mac must now decrypt the hard drive before booting into OS X.


3 System Preferences to Promote security:

With a little help from System Preferences, you can further lock down your Mac to prevent unauthorized access to your computer.


1. Turn off auto login:
Having your Mac automatically log into your user account poses a huge security risk. You can reduce this security risk by visiting System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Options. Once there, ensure that the drop-down menu option for “Automatic Login” is set to “Off.” Note that if you’ve turned on FileVault, then Auto Login will be turned off by default.


2. Turn on password requirements:
When you leave your Mac unattended without any password requirements, then anyone can easily walk upto your machine and access the entire computer, files and all. To curb this issue, OS X features password requirements that can be set in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General. Ensure that the checkbox for “Require password immediately after sleep or screen saver begins” is checked so that you’ll be required to enter your password in order to strat using your Mac again.


3. Turn on Firewall:
While the router on your network provides a firewall to the outside world via the internet, whenever you’re on a public network, your Mac is vulnerable to network trickery. To enable the firewall, visit System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Firewall. Once there, click on “Turn On Firewall.” from this point on, any unauthorized incoming network connections will be blocked. We especially recommend turning this on when using a portal Mac over an open, shared Wi-Fi network connection.

iPad vs Nexus 7 : A Technical Comparison


About 12 hours into my week-long Nexus 7 experiment, I realized just how much I missed my iPad. The first pitch was about to be thrown in the Red Sox game, so I visited Google Play to download a copy of MLB At Bat, expecting a similar experience to the one I had enjoyed for the past three years on Apple’s tablet.

Not quite. Once I paid to upgrade from the lite version – a rambling, circuitous process that took about a half-inning to complete – I unlocked what appeared to be dual-orientation phone app. The graphics didn’t come close to matching the quality of the screen, and live pitches were slow and jerky, with none of the superb animations that pepper its iOS counterpart. By the top of the third inning, I was watching the play-by-play on my iPhone and counting down the days until I got my iPad back.

It’s a shame, because I really need to like Asus Google tablet. Having never seriously used an Android device before – the Nexus 7 is the first non-iOS touchscreen I’ve ever owned – I had high hopes. But despite an array of dazzling customization options, my experience was more frustrating than first-rate.


People are always quick to criticize the latest iPhone or iPad for not being revolutionary enough, but the truth is, most of its competitors are barely catching up. They may have bigger screens and better batteries, but few match Apple’s strict attention to detail.

Like last years model the new nexus 7 is about what you’d expect from a $200 tablet. The dimensions haven’t really changed much at all, so its still a good deal smaller than the iPad mini; people will naturally compare the two, but they feel completely different in your hand, with the mini requiring a much wider grip.

Asus trimmed a bit of the side bezel that flanked last year’s screen, but the top and bottom ones remain, giving it a somewhat unbalanced feel, its about 50 grams lighter than the old model (on par with the mini) and a good deal thinner, making it very easy to operate in a number of positions. The addition of a 5MP rear-facing camera is a nice touch, but like any tablet, you’ll probably be happier taking pictures with your phone.

The enclosure has none of the iPad’s sleek, industrial curves, but the rubberized back gives it a level of protection without the need for a case.

The power button was a constant nuisance and it still uses the dreaded micro USB for power (though it supports the Nexus 4′s underwhelming wireless charger), but overall it’s a very nice package, especially for the price.


Screen and Battery:
The new nexus 7 costs $29 more than the model it replaced, but you can literally see where the extra money goes. Last year’s display was an acceptable 1280×800 resolution – a tad more respectable than the mini’s heavily criticized 1024×768 screen – but Google pulled out all the stops this year, jamming an extra 107 pixels per inch, bringing it up to speed with the best Apple has to offer.

It’s beautiful screen with deep blacks, crisp fonts, and brilliant colors, but along with the extra dough, all that clarity will also cost you about 10 percent of your battery life. While using it as my main device, I made sure to carry a battery charger with me, even when doing light tasks like checking mail and writing this article. In fact, I didn’t load a single song on the device and barely watched any videos, yet the battery only lasted about as long as my iPhone 5 under similar circumstances – a far cry from my iPad.

But if sacrifices need to be made, this isn’t a terrible one. Once I saw just how tremendous text and graphics looked on the HD display. I certainly wasn’t about to give it up just to squeeze out another 60 minutes of usage.


Such a high quality screen deserves a library of beautifully designed apps, but if there are any in Google Play, I had a hard time finding them. Even when I was willing to pay, I never really knew what I was getting until it downloaded, and most times I felt like I was doing something wrong. There’s no differentiation between tablet and phone apps – presumably the store is smart enough to push the best version to my device – but in a lot of cases it seemed like I was using a blown-out phone app.

But it’s more than how they look. Every app I downloaded that wasn’t a game – from the aforementioned MLB At Bat to Writer and Plume for Twitter – was frustratingly inferior to its iPad doppelganger. I struggled to find an email app that accepted my iCloud credentials. Writing apps refused to let me share my data and wouldn’t count my words.

Even Google’s offerings, with the exception of the stellar Google Now, all seemed a step behind.

There may very well be original, high-quality tablet apps akin to Tweetbot or Wordflex to be found, but Google Play’s poor layout and search algorithm kept them locked away, I did manage to track down a couple of keepers (Tasks, Pattern, and Press instantly spring to mind), but for the most part, the productivity apps I downloaded – with five-star reviews and prime search position – didn’t live up to my expectation of a tablet app, mini or otherwise.


Despite its reputation, Android no longer operates like a cheap imitation of iOS. There is an inevitable bit of overlap, of course, but Android has a definite character and identity of its own. Truth to be told, the only time I was reminded of my iPad was when something didn’t work the way I expected. And unfortunately, that happened a lot.

But first, the good stuff. Android has always separated itself from iOS by allowing it’s users to customize their screens any way they want. Those who want to get their hands dirty can manipulate the OS even further at the root level (which is why a Samsung phone looks different than an HTC one), but even a quick visit to Google Play can give your Android device a personal touch far beyond anything apple allows.

There are numbers of things I do on my iPad repeatedly throughout my day – check email, browse my Twitter timeline, take notes, etc. and – I’ve made it as easy as possible to do so, positioning my favorite apps to launch with little effort. Android takes that one step further, and within minutes, I was able to make my Nexus 7 far more useful.

Tiny widgets gave me at-a-glance access to an array of data that remains hidden on my iPad. The fiesky keyboard helped type just as fast as I did on my Apple’s device. The clock on my lock screen went from garish to gorgeous. It’s Android singular advantage over iOS, and the main reason why an iPhone user would choose to switch (other than wanting a larger screen). Apple obsesses over every pixel in iOS, often taking years to get a feature just right. Android, in contrast, feels more like a blank palette than a fully realized operating system.

There are downsides to this. Since there are only a handful of devices that run so-called pure Android, you’d think Google would be devoting all of it’s resources to creating a rock-solid foundation. But while it’s certainly come a long way, my experiences with a brand-new unadulterated version of Android on a brand-new device left much to be desired.

I constantly kept pressing the back button. There’s a bit of iOS muscle memory here, but having a back button pinned to the bottom of the screen makes absolutely no sense. Similarly, I repeatedly hit the virtual home button when I wanted to hit the space bar, causing whatever app I was in to disappear.

Working with text was infuriating, starting with lack of any sort of undo command. Without a pop-up magnifier I constantly missed my target touches, and even when I got the cursor where I wanted it, I never knew if I was going to bring up the correct menu. Folders actually look pretty cool, but it’s impossible to see past the first app. Scrolling was very inconsistent, with some apps responding to my swipes and others sluttering and skipping.

And apparently no one takes screenshots in Android, because it may be the most unintuitive method ever created.

I’m not going to say my iPad apps never crash, but iOS certainly doesn’t feel the need to notify me each time they do. Along with the “Unfortunately so-and-so app has quit” messages, strange dialog boxes would pop-up intermittently.


Enticing Alternative:
Despite its flaws, I’ll be keeping the Nexus. It’s a fine tablet with an excellent screen and a tempting price tag, and I almost see how someone would choose to buy one over an iPad mini.


(Image Source)

Apple Takes Control


iOS 7′s built-in controller support may transform mobile gaming.

Neither the iPhone nor the iPad lack a wealth of fantastic games. The App Store is overflowing with excellent touch-based titles, whether original affairs or smartly tweaked ports from other platforms, and more are being added each week. But there are certain styles of games – especially those that originated on home consoles, arcade monitors, or computers – that either typically don’t translate well to touch screens, or aren’t being fully realized on iOS devices. Fighting games immediately come to mind on the former point, while the simplified interactions of most racing titles tend to reinforce the latter.

Physical controllers aren’t a new concept for iOS device. The original iCade – the shrunken arcade cabinet that houses an iPad and adds a stick and buttons – is probably the best known of the bunch, but it’s only one of many options out there. You can also find contraptions that surround an iPhone and make it akin to a dedicated portable handheld gaming system, or Bluetooth wireless controllers that support any iOS device. But with each controller offering a different layout and uniquely coded workaround to deal with Apple’s limitations, the market is fragmented, and very few noteworthy games actually use any of the available peripherals.

That may change with the introduction of iOS 7, as Apple has revealed MFi (“Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod”) support for game controllers baked right into the operating system – as well as in Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks – which will finally deliver a standardized platform for physical gaming peripherals.

Manufacturers will have set guidelines to follow in the creation of their controllers, and will be able to add that all-important “Made for…” icon to the packaging. Game developers, on the other hand can support the three types of controllers that Apple has specified in its documentation and expect that it’ll work perfectly regardless of physical design or third-party manufacturer.

It’s seemingly a win-win scenario all around, with gamers reaping the rewards in the form of more advanced, precise, and diverse titles on the App Store. But will the addition of built-in controller support really have a transformative effect on the iOS gaming, or will the peripherals remain a niche option for die-hards?


Fixing Past Mistakes:

Standardized controller support in iOS 7 is a big deal in particular because it shows Apple is finally recognizing the place for physical gaming accessories on the platform.
According to Apple’s developer materials, three styles of controllers will be supported. First is a simple shell that houses the iOS device and adds a directional pad, front buttons, and shoulder buttons around the touch screen. Another shell with a more advanced button arrangement in the next step, while the third option is a standalone wireless controller that features a pair of analog sticks for more precise movement and interactions.

Developers can presumably put their own aesthetic spin on the physical shape and design of the controller, so long as it features the same inputs that correspond with the iOS 7 framework, but controllers have to be optional – games must be entirely playable using only the touch screen, as well. Companies like Logitech and PowerA are reportedly working on their own iOS 7 controllers, though details and designs have yet to be revealed.


Better with Buttons:

Here are five genres that will benefit significantly from iOS 7′s MFi controllers:

Virtual buttons aren’t responsive enough for serious action. Real controllers will make uncompromised brawlers shine on the App Store.

First person shooters are playable but typically awkward on touch screens. With analog sticks, those solid affairs can become truly awesome.

Split-second reactions are needed to overcome obstacles and survive environmental gauntlets. A directional pad will ensure expert-level interactions.

Arcade-style scrolling shooters require incredible precision to navigate the wave of bullets. It’s just not the same without tactile controls.

Current iOS racers simplify the action to minimize touch interactions. Imagine a full-scale ultra-realistic simulation using a physical controller.

Samsung Unveils Gold Galaxy S4 Follows Apple’s Footsteps


It seems that everything Apple tries to do is copied by Samsung or other competitors. This time it is the colour. Recently Apple announced that it will be launching a golden coloured iPhone 5S with limited numbers, Apple fans were not far behind to grab these devices according to latest news people on ebay are selling the limited edition Golden iPhones for more than 10,000 dollars.

Golden Galaxy S4

Apple’s new iPhone 5S and 5C has been a great success as it has sold more than 9 million copies in the first three days of the release. The most popular model among the them was the gold iPhone 5S, the color close resembled “champagne” or a muted gold.

It is the same craze that inspired Samsung announce two gold colored phones, for its popular Galaxy S4 series. The South Korean smartphone giants are one of the leading Android phone makers in the world.

samsung Gold Galaxy S4

Samsung Arabia and Samsung Gulf tweeted pictures of the two models on twitter. The two models show a brown gold and a pink gold Samsung S4. According to the sources, Samsung will be release this in the Middle East in the first phase followed by the world wide market.

 twitter samsung gold gulf

According to Samsung planning and announcing a smartphone cannot happen in mere two weeks and they are in no way following Apple, but the rumors are growing loud as there was a degree of certainty that a gold iPhone was in line to arrive soon.

Though sources are still speculating whether Samsung will release the Golden S4 in the global market. Nokia had launched a similar coloured phone in 2011 called Nokia Oro with little success.

This golden goose may turn out to be a big gamble for Samsung, as Apple followers are hooked to their brand and are more faithful compared to Samsung followers. The sales figures of Apple do show a rise but copying colour may not be the thing Android fans want. None the less, Gold followed by Pink and blue coloured iPhones are some of highest selling devices on the Apple store currently.

Top 5 iPad Apps to Create Powerful Presentations


Have you ever been caught in a situation where you had to create a presentation and were away from your computer, and thought it would have been great if you had a good presentation app on your iOS device. If so your wait ends here. Listed here are top 5 such apps and you may employ for the purpose of creating amazing business and professional presentations.

As Apple’s iPad has become a favorite choice of millions of people, the use of this computing device has become mandatory in the lives of many people around the globe. They belong to any profession like teaching, medical, engineering, business, accountancy, and so on; the need for mobile computing devices is a must for them. Apple has always endeavored to develop innovative apps in order to keep the interest of their customers alive in their iPads. They have also developed ground-breaking apps for meetings and presentations.

Here are 5 best iPad apps for presentations.

1. Keynote

keynote app

All of Apple’s computing and mobile devices allow you to run hundreds and thousands of apps. There is no end to the software that you can run on iPhone, iPod and iPad. Keynote is a standard and default app that helps you prepare wonderful presentations for your required jobs.

If you have been a Microsoft Windows user, you may take it to be a substitute of PowerPoint. It is so easy to use that you will be able to use it readily for your purpose. It will require a few hours to understand the process and then you are on the go. Keynote lets you develop colorful presentations for meetings.

(Apple Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/keynote/id361285480?mt=8)


2. QuickOffice Pro HD

quickoffice pro

The QuickOffice Pro has the capability of using PowerPoint support along with using the iPad apps of Apple. Although it is a little bit costlier, you may still use it as it is equivalent to the Microsoft Office Pack. This app allows you to create gorgeous and highly compatible .ppt presentations without any problems around. The method of creating these apps is also pretty straightforward.

(Apple Store:- http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/quickoffice-pro/id310723177?mt=8)


3. Haiku Deck

haiku deck app

Haiku is available free of cost over the World Wide Web. It is simple way of creating apps for iPads. It has an elegant design and possesses many features that distinguish it from others. Although it has low support for adding backgrounds and share lists, yet it allows you to create presentation icons for iPad in an elegant and gorgeous manner.

Haiku Deck is student friendly and allows you to produce slides that have photo background with a little bit of text. It is equally beneficial for students and teachers who can create as many presentations as they like.

(Apple Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/haiku-deck/id536328724)


4. SlideShark

slideshark app

SlideShark is also available free of cost over the World Wide Web. It not only allows you to create presentations, it also helps you to use web pages, PDFs and  HTML files to create the presentations of your choice. This is an iPad presentation that provides support for all of PowerPoint files, images and other file sharing processes that you need in the contemporary computers in fast mode.

(Apple Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/slideshark-powerpoint-presentations/id471369684)


5. Prezi


Prezi is another free presentation app that is accessible through internet. It allows you to create a presentation that has a single canvas rather than many swipe-able slides. Everything is stored on one page and your text, pictures, videos, etc, are placed in order to make sure that everything remains in sequence through pathways. It also allows you to modify built-in presentations for your personal use so that to create them in few minutes. Moreover, this iPad app is easy to learn and use and you can adapt to it even if you have been the PowerPoint user.

(Apple Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/app/prezi-viewer/id407759942?mt=8)

The list of iPad apps is not limited to the apps mentioned above. There are several other iPad apps that you may employ for creating the presentations for meetings. All these apps ensure that you get the best way of creating apps that let you stand out among others. The main purpose of creating these apps is to impress others and you have to ensure that everything remains in your control when presenting yourself to others. You want colorful applications with supporting graphics and the iPad apps allow you to do so. Get them now to create the presentations for your iPhone, iPad, etc, accordingly.