3 Things that Most of the Successful Mobile Apps Have in Common

Every year millions of mobile apps are uploaded on different app stores around the world. Everybody except their mobile apps to do wonder on the app store in term of revenue and numbers of downloads. Every time a new mobile app idea is born, people start seeing it as next angry bird, WhatsApp, Instagram or […]

2 weeks ago

The Top 5 iPhone Apps for Healthcare

When people think about the hundreds of thousands of different pieces of software in the iTunes App Store, they often call to mind images of the many fun games that are available. They might even think about apps that help you track your finances or find out who that actor is that you recognize but […]

4 weeks ago

Drunk? Keep a check on yourself with new – Drunk Mode App

People often get into troubles because of their drinking habit. Sometimes, their drinking habit can lead to deadly road accidents, brawls, and some other unwanted situations. Another common thing which people usually do is calling their ex-boyfriend/girlfriend or somebody else with whom their relationship is not going good. In nutshell, we can say that people […]

2 months ago

Objective C vs Apple Swift [Infographic]

Apple Inc.’s Swift, programming language is setting new trends in the iOS apps development industry. Everybody is talking about this new innovative iOS programming platform. At the same time, many industry insiders are comparing Swift with the widely used and trusted iOS apps development programming platform – Objective-C. Here is an infographic which will help […]

2 months ago

Is New Blackberry Passport Really worth Ditching iPhone 6?

Blackberry Limited is leaving no stone un-turned for bouncing back in the smartphone market. The company is all set to start a new beginning with its brand new smartphone – Blackberry Passport. This time Blackberry is not just out with a new smartphone device but has something more interesting to offer. Blackberry is promoting its […]

2 months ago
nokia 11 vs ipad mini 3

Nokia N1 v/s iPad Mini 3 – Everything You Want to Know

Nokia is back in the business with its new N1 Android tablet. It took around seven months for Nokia to unveil this device, after selling its devices and services unit to Microsoft. With N1, Nokia is trying to emulate Apple Inc.’s iPad Mini design. Before Nokia, Xiaomi has also attempted to reproduce iPad mini design. […]

2 months ago

Looking for a mobile apps development firm? Don’t forget to ask these 3 important questions.

Nowadays, many companies and entrepreneurs are complaining that they are not satisfied with the services offered by their mobile apps development firms. They feel cheated as their mobile apps development vendors fail to meet their expectations. In spite of investing huge capitals, they don’t get a custom mobile app that can meet up their business […]

3 months ago

Top 5 reasons to make your iOS apps compatible to iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus

As it was expected, iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus are setting all new trends in the Smartphone markets across the globe. The demand of these technologically highly-advanced Smartphones by Apple Inc. is increasingly rapidly with every single second in every possible country. With the current trends, it is expected that a huge number of Apple users […]

3 months ago
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