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The intuitiveness of Amazon’s mobile e-reader the Kindle and its operating system, combined with its domination of the e-book space makes it the mobile device of choice for businesses offering educational and informational services, through the use of texts, to the general public. With the world’s most robust and comprehensive content ecosystem, apps created for the Amazon platform are predesigned for success.

Amazon’s legacy as a content driven platform is unmatchable with over 100 million downloads and it’s ever growing publisher community. With the right execution and an optimal design, apps on Kindle are sure to spark a fire among its vast user base. Brands like Citi and Domino’s already have their customized apps on Amazon Kindle Fire.

Amazon which already offers a robust community for content distribution to publishers through its online store has now upped the ante with the Kindle Fire HD which was designed to provide mobile app developers with a platform for Amazon app development and building active contents which can be utilized on different OS platforms.

While Amazon’s content distribution expertise is a plus point for developing apps with the goal of revenue generation, the true performance of Kindle Fire Tablets in the market will depend on the success of their apps.

In order to ensure this, Amazon has gone to great lengths to create a friendly environment for Amazon app development by providing development resources and tools for app developers. This includes the Amazon Mobile SDK, which comes with APIs for in-app purchases, gaming and maps. Other resources include separate APKs for each version of the Kindle device and tools for localizing an app and integrating web services.

What You Stand to Benefit

With a Kindle mobile app, your business opens itself to Amazon’s web services the huge user base that comes with it ecosystem. Some of the benefits include:

  • Mass reach via the Amazon ecosystem and online store platform
  • Access to new customer demographics—the visually impaired etc.
  • Expansive distribution of content based apps
  • Amazon apps designed with cross platform functionalities

At TechAhead, we believe in helping your ideas see the light of day, therefore we work closely with you and the project aims of your Amazon app to provide your established customer base and prospective clients, with easy access to your services.

We believe that education is the first step to enlightenment, therefore we implore you to visit our blog, register with us and we shall provide you with educational materials concerning the growth of Amazon’s Kindle and the opportunity it provides business owners.

TechAhead is aligned to help you harness this opportunity and reap the benefits by developing an app that makes the most of Amazon’s unique capabilities. Getting your app on Kindle Fire devices can open up a world of opportunity by reaching out to a wider audience.

Contact us us now to help you set the stage on fire-the Amazon way!


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